Ek Saath and JNPA Collaborate for Elephanta Island Preservation

On 5th June 2024, World Environment Day, a landmark initiative unfolded as Ek Saath – The Earth Foundation, in collaboration with the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority (JNPA), came together to initiate the ‘Preserving Heritage – Elephanta Island’ project. This collaborative effort underscored a significant step towards establishing a sustainable waste management model while honoring & protecting the rich heritage of Elephanta Island.

The initiative further included a comprehensive clean-up endeavor in collaboration with Waste Matters led by a few corporate volunteers and also volunteers from ConnectFor. This hands-on activity aimed to restore the natural beauty of Elephanta Island while promoting environmental awareness among participants. The attendees also had the opportunity to witness a captivating street play by the Young Creative Production team, offering an impactful depiction of the significance of preserving cultural heritage and environmental sustainability.

Shri Unmesh Sharad Wagh, Chairman of JNPA inaugurated the project which highlighted the shared commitment towards environmental conservation. Local communities and Panchayats were also present, showcasing the collective responsibility towards safeguarding our heritage.

“It is through collaborative efforts like these that we can truly make a difference in preserving our heritage and fostering environmental sustainability.” quoted Pragya Kapoor, Founder of Ek Saath Foundation.

The project aimed to synchronize cultural preservation, community engagement, and environmental integrity through a sustainable waste management framework. By incorporating community participation and leveraging innovative waste management practices, the initiative aspired to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the generations to come, while simultaneously preserving the intrinsic heritage of Elephanta Island.

Ashwin Malwade, Managing Director of Ek Saath Foundation expressed, “Through collective action, we’re not just cleaning up Elephanta Island; we’re creating a blueprint for sustainable development that honors our past and safeguards our future.”

As the ‘Preserving Heritage – Elephanta Island’ project unfolds, a significant stride towards sustainable development is made. This collaborative endeavor signifies a milestone in cultural preservation and a step towards a future where Elephanta Island’s rich heritage flourishes in harmony with its natural environment, ensuring a lasting legacy for generations to come.