GetSetUp announces partnership with Ashiana Housing to bring virtual health, lifelong learning and entertainment platform for the senior community

GetSetUp announces partnership with Ashiana Housing to bring virtual health, lifelong learning and entertainment platform for the senior community

Mumbai: Ashiana Housing Ltd., a real estate developer and India’s #1 brand in the senior living space, with over 1838 retirement homes today announced its partnership with GetSetup, a mission-driven education technology company dedicated to creating economic and learning opportunities for the senior cohort. The partnership creates a new free resource for senior citizens, in the 55+ age category, as the country continues to recover from the repercussions of COVID-19 pandemic on their mental and physical well-being. With the help of GetSetUp, senior citizens can get online assistance and learn how to navigate technology such as daily use of apps, video conferencing, Google & Microsoft office features & social media, which has become more crucial during the pandemic.

Through GetSetUp, community members at Ashiana Housing Ltd. can access over 800 free online group classes designed for and led by senior citizens. Apart from learning the basics of using a smartphone, tablet or services such as video conferencing, access to mails, social media, GetSetUp also encourages them to partake in various hobby classes such as music, dancing, social games or being a part of virtual social hours with the community. As part of the program, GetSetUp will run 30 classes a day to provide flexibility for members at Ashiana Housing projects to engage at any time at their convenience within the comfort and safety of their homes.

Commenting on the partnership with Ashiana, Deval Delivala, Senior Vice President, GetSetUp said, “We want older adults to feel connected and productive amidst the long pandemic and the partnership with Ashiana comes at the right time for us to engage seniors in a meaningful way, learning through their peers within the community. At GetSetUp, we want every older adult to feel valued and we believe that if we help them get comfortable with technology and provide them with the tools to share their skills. GetSetUp is a safe space for seniors to be curious and learn without judgments and build an empathetic community. We are excited to be associated with India’s leading senior housing provider Ashiana and looking forward to welcoming thousands of older adults living at their premises onto the platform. ”

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Muralidhara CP – DGM, Senior Living at Ashiana Housing Ltd. said, “It is critical to keep our senior residents who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, safe during the pandemic. However, it’s also important for them to maintain social connections and be able to meet their needs from home. With our partnership with GetSetUp, our senior residents will become more adept and comfortable with technology and leverage it for learning or staying connected with their loved ones.”

“Senior citizens are at greater risk for complications related to COVID19 and have had to follow public health guidelines closely, including social distancing. We believe this platform will help reduce social isolation by empowering older adults when it comes to using technology while providing a safe place to learn, grow and make friends. We realize that now more than ever, our older adults are at home and may need assistance learning how to use video services to communicate with loved ones, learn how to do things like ordering groceries or household items online, finding exercise classes or even learning to access services like telehealth,” he added.

GetSetUp runs daily classes for older adults to learn and share skills, hosts community sessions and helps trained professionals with economic opportunities by joining the platform as a guide member. The platform is available on the web and on Android for users to attend classes from anywhere. The company is headquartered in the US with localised websites in India, Australia and Singapore.