Government’s Sports Policy and support to sports to have long-term positive impact on sports: CSRI survey


New Delhi, August 6, 2021: Amidst the stellar performances of athletes of Indian contingents at Tokyo Olympics 2020, the Confederation of Sports and Recreation Industry (CSRI) has released a survey on India’s position in the mega event, possible number of medals and what should be done to make India secure a top rank among the medal winners. The survey was conducted to the run-up to Tokyo Olympics.

As per the survey, 36% of respondents feel that government should give more support to federations. Regarding various support and recent initiatives by the Government of India related to Khelo India and the Fit India Movement, the majority of the respondents were of the opinion that it would have a positive impact. Interesting to see that around 30% of the respondents were of the opinion that it may not have any effect in this current Olympics but definitely will have a long term positive effect. CSRI believes that the government should continue with similar policy initiatives and budget allocation to Sports. Even during the national lockdown due to covid-19 pandemic, the Indian government was kind enough to allow physical practice of all the elite teams with SOPs. More than 71 % of people agreed and consented that the government did a good job.

According to Rajpal Singh, Director – General, CSRI, “For the first time, an industry body conducted a focused survey pertaining to the ongoing Olympics. Survey had 10 pertinent questions ranging from India’s chances of in the Olympics to government’s sport policy. Respondents included top physical education institutions, the sports industry, sports federations, sports goods manufacturers, sports administrators, former bureaucrats, senior officers from centre and state governments, army officers and the International Chamber of Commerce. Besides, people living outside India, sports icons and persons and Dronacharya awardees also participated in the survey. India getting medals.”

Respondents were optimistic about India’s performance in Tokyo. About 57% believe that India will get 5-10 medals in this Olympics. India has already won 5 medals. While comparing India’s previous performance in the last 4 Olympics and the expectation of the country, more than 35% of the opinions were that India’s performance was good, whereas 20% people felt that performance was below average.

Responding to sports where India will win maximum medals, more than 50% believed that India has a good chance of winning maximum medals in shooting followed by wrestling, weightlifting, boxing and badminton.

In the question related to the top 5 countries in getting medals in the current Olympics, about 46% believed that the USA will top the medals tally, though about 41% believed that China will be at the top of the table. According to 25% of the respondents, Great Britain would be in third place.

89% of the respondents were aware of the postponement of the Olympics well in advance. Similarly, almost 40% were of the opinion that pandemic will have a long lasting impact on sports and games whereas only 20% believed that there won’t be much impact.

About Confederation of Sports and Recreation Industry (CSRI)

The Confederation of Sports and Recreation Industry (CSRI) is the only Apex Industry Association and business entity in India, which deals in sports and also connects the complete eco-system of the sports Sector i.e. Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure. It is a voice of Indian Sports and Recreation Industry, which promotes economic activities around the concerned sectors and also aggregates the views of different experts for influencing policy change through engaging and involving policymakers and the sports fraternity.

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