House of the Deep Dish & Signature Thin Crust Pizzas: Pass The Salt Debuts Its Pizza Cafe in Mumbai

Nestled in the bustling streets of South Mumbai, Pass The Salt, Mumbai’s artisanal pizza hotspot has fired up its ovens to serve delicious pizzas to patrons on Thursday, June 20, 2024. With its quintessential Chicago-style Deep Dish and Signature Flaky Thin Crust pizzas, the brand promises to elevate Mumbaikars’ pizza dining experience.

pizza cafe

Pass The Salt’s signature offerings include the iconic double crust deep dish base from Chicago which includes layers of cheese on its two-inch foundation, topped with veggies and a proprietary San Marzano sauce. The other standout on the menu is the signature thin crust – a flaky pizza base inspired by Vienna’s much-loved croissant, a testament to Chef Kruti’s culinary prowess and unique to the brand. The menu explores a repertoire beyond traditional toppings, including gourmet flavours such as San Gennaro, San Marzano sauce, onions, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, herb marinated black olives, green jalapenos, mozzarella; Mac & Cheese, San Marzano sauce, macaroni & cheese, mozzarella; and St. Patrick, San Marzano sauce, artichokes, spinach, mozzarella, that can be enjoyed on a deep dish base. The signature thin crust can be enjoyed with toppings such as Primavera, San Marzano sauce, onions, roasted red peppers, black olives, mozzarella, arugula, feta, chilli oil; Hawaiian Barbeque, barbeque sauce, grilled onion rings, marinated pineapple, red paprika, green chilies, mozzarella; Pesto Melanzane, San Marzano sauce, grilled aubergine, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, mozzarella, basil pesto; Pesca XVI, San Marzano sauce, grilled peaches, arugula mint pesto, stracciatella, fresh jalapenos, pinenuts.

In addition to pizzas, the menu also features array of Sharing Plates including Chef’s special Spaghetti Croquettes; Stracciatella on Toast; Grilled Cheese sandwiches such as Sweet Heat Melt featuring hokkaido, honey chilli crisp, mozzarella, cheddar, gouda; and Calzones such as Italia, confit tomatoes, confit garlic & shallots, fresh basil, mozzarella, ricotta; and Salads like Avocado & Grapefruit, avocado, grapefruit segments, herb dressing, sourdough croutons, feta. Diners can also enjoy Burrata bowls like the signature Mushroom & Pesto, Burrata, confit mushrooms, confit tomatoes, arugula mint pesto, extra virgin olive oil; and Tartines such as Welsh Rarebit, sourdough, harissa cheese sauce, capers, kale, mushrooms. To satiate the sweet cravings, diners can order house-made Gelatos, Pistachio Tres leches and Earl Grey & Fig Tea Cake from the Desserts section.

Complementing the flavour palette is a vast beverage menu which includes an exceptional selection of coffees by homegrown Indian brand Koinonia Coffee Roasters featuring specialty coffees, and artisanal hot brews and cold coffees. Pass The Salt also offers distinct iced teas flavours such as Blackcurrant, Mango Mint, Hibiscus, Arnold Palmer and more. For diners who prefer hot teas, a wide selection is available.

Located in a heritage building in Fort, one of the city’s busiest areas frequented by tourists for its historical landscape, the new pizza cafe blends history with modernity seamlessly. The arched ceiling pays homage to the arches that are characteristic to buildings in the area. The cafe has been adorned with tastefully selected paintings and art pieces to give meaning and add depth to the space. Along with curated artefacts and plush furnishings, the decor preserves architectural elements including a distinct black and white chequered flooring reminiscent of an American diner, complemented by a charming floral pattern that evokes the ambiance of a quaint French café.

The origin of Pass The Salt goes back to the pandemic, when Co-founder and Chef Kruti, driven by her passion for flavours and cuisines, tried her hand at recreating the iconic deep dish pizza, an indulgence she had experienced while studying in the US. These were happily sampled and tested by her husband Vishal, who shared Kruti’s passion for food and flavours. The couple soon recognised the unavailability of this distinctive crust in their area, which fuelled their entrepreneurial dream to start Pass The Salt, a humble pizza delivery kitchen that specialised in Chicago-style deep dish and laminated thin crust Vienna-style pizzas. Having been a customer favourite since, the brand has now crossed the sea link to make their exclusive pizzas accessible to the rest of Mumbai at the chic new pizza cafe in Fort. While Kruti creates magic in the kitchen through unconventional flavours and recipes, Vishal overlooks the operations and finances for the brand, while ensuring great customer experience.

“Pass The Salt has been conceived and created from my own experiences, inspiration and passion for food. The menu is inspired by dishes I have loved creating and eating, and I am so excited to share this with everyone who dines at Pass The Salt. With each dish, we strive to create not just a meal, but a moment of connection and joy.” says Chef and Co-Founder, Kruti Sanghvi.

“From the inception of Pass The Salt in a spare room to now opening our first pizza cafe, it’s incredible to see my childhood dream become a reality. With each dish crafted, we invite you to taste the creativity and inclusivity that defines Pass The Salt” commented Co-Founder, Vishal Shah.

In a city where authentic deep dish and flaky pizzas are a rarity, Pass The Salt brings a breath of fresh air combining culinary innovation with delight. Whether savouring the comforting aroma of a pizza or sipping on a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee, Pass the Salt offers a complete sensory experience, one that shouldn’t be missed.