Into the Future of Iron Ore Processing MEAI and NMDC host National Seminar

Hyderabad, 17 February 2024: The Mining Engineers’ Association of India, Hyderabad Chapter in collaboration with the largest iron ore producer of India – NMDC is organizing a National Seminar in Hyderabad during 16-17 February 2024. Aimed at enabling knowledge sharing on the theme – ‘Advanced Iron Ore Beneficiation and Sustainable Low-Grade Iron Ore Utilization’, the Seminar is set to make meaningful strides towards the sustainable growth of the industry. ​​

minig meeting

 At its inaugural function on Friday, Chief Guest Shri Dilip Kumar Mohanty, Director (Production) NMDC said, “Beneficiation and utilization of low grade iron ore are making game changing interventions in maximizing the recovery of this valuable mineral. Advancement in beneficiation technology and low grade iron ore utilization are critical tenets in building mineral security and self-sufficiency. A crucial step in the iron and steel supply chain, they also play a defining role in augmenting production and efficiency, while empowering a sustainable tomorrow.”

 Shri S.N. Mathur, President MEAI; Shri V.S. Rao, Former Executive Director TATA Steel; Shri S.K. Agarwal, Former CMD (I/c), NMDC; Dr P.V. Rao, Editor MEAI Journal; and Shri Dhananjaya G Reddy, COO ERM Group were Guests of Honour at the event. The inaugural function of the Seminar witnessed these stalwarts of the mining industry addressing the participants and encouraging them to make significant contributions to the mining and metallurgical landscape of India.

 These visionary leaders were welcomed by the Presiding Officer Shri Vinay Kumar, Director (Technical) NMDC and Chairman MEAI, Hyderabad Chapter. “As the mining fraternity strives to build mineral accountability and fuel industrial progress, we must set higher sights for the industry towards Responsible Mining” said Shri Vinay Kumar.

 The two-day seminar will host presentations and panel discussions of industry experts and researchers from NMDC, AM/NS, TATA Steel, MSPL, University of Hyderabad and IIT Madras among others. The recommendations of the seminar will then be forwarded to the Government Authorities.

 The official souvenir of the National Seminar on ‘Advanced Iron Ore Beneficiation and Sustainable Low Grade Iron Ore Utilization’ by MEAI and NMDC was also released during the inauguration.