Kata and Kumite Training Online Seminar organised by Karate Association of Bengal

Karate Association of Bengal

Karate Do Association of Bengal (KAB) has successfully used the online method to enhance the knowledge and skills of their players and coaches by organizing various Kata & Kumite Training Webinars with world class players and coaches. The only man who has made this possible with his devotion and hard work towards the Karate Association of Bengal is, Hanshi Premjit Sen, the President of Karate Association Of Bengal. Hanshi Premjit Sen has left no stone unturned to develop the coaches and the players even during this hard time of a pandemic. A former National Kata Champion, the General Secretary of KAB, Kyoshi Joydeb Mondal has always given his full support and has been one of the pillars in developing and promoting karate.

Karate Association Bengal successfully organized the following two events in quick succession which indeed created history and awestruck all the players and coaches of not only Bengal, but also all over India:

On 11.06.2021-Online Kumite Seminar by Sensei Masoud Rahnama of Iran

On 13.06.2021-Online Kata Training Seminar by Sensei Luka Valdesi of Italy

On 11.06.2021, a phenomenal “Online Kumite Seminar” was conducted by Sensei Masoud Rahnama of Iran, which had a humongous response from all the players and coaches from India. This event was conducted by Karate Do Association of Bengal (KAB) under the auspices of Karate India Organisation (KIO).

Sensei Masoud Rahnama was an ex-member in the Technical Committee of World Karate Federation (WKF). He was also the successful coach of the Iran National Karate Team for the Asian Games in 2010 (Gold Medal) and 2014 (Silver Medal). It was indeed an honour for all the players and coaches to train under such a successful and experienced world class coach.

The event was inaugurated by Hanshi Bharat Sharma (Mentor – KIO). The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Kyoshi Joydeb Mondal (General Secretary – KAB).

On 13.06.2021, the Indian karatekas got a chance once again to create history by attending an “Online Kata Training” session which was organized by the Valdesi Karate Academy and conducted by world champion, Sensei Luka Valdesi of Italy.

Sensei Luka Valdesi is currently the Member of WKF Competition Rules Commission and a former Gold medallist in the World Games. He was also the World Champion in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010 in Kata. In his words, he appreciated the hard work and efforts of his Indian friend, Hanshi Premjit Sen, who tirelessly keep on doing something for the betterment of the players and coaches of Bengal, during this crisis time of the pandemic.

The online training session from Sensei Luka Valdesi, that too, during this time of the pandemic, has been a great boost to the morale of not only the players and coaches of Bengal, also from all over India.

In future too, the Karate Association of Bengal has planned various Training Webinars at the National and International level, which will be conducted by world class players and coaches. Above all, all these historic events were conducted without charging any fee from the players or coaches.

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