Making Smart Education Available to Every Child in India Through LucyMax

Making Smart Education Available to Every Child

Hyderabad : Taking stock of the rising demand in children’s education and the smart-education segment, LucyMax has launched a 4 step phonics learning function for the Indian market. Recently, LucyMax in collaboration with Future Intelligence Books & KOTRA MUMBAI- Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency distributed 4-step Phonics to underprivileged & unskilled kids at Sri Vivekananda Vidya Vikas Kendra Orphanage- Hyderabad and ZPHS, Saheb Nagar, Hyderabad.

Child education in India is highly competitive and smart-education is the need of the hour. LucyMax is a Korean Brand that works on introducing Books for Kids. It has been in the international market for many years and focused on young children’s research-based education. LucyMax works on improving basic literacy skills for children through the 4-Step Phonics program.

The Korean education brand has been working on introducing books for kids in a creative way. They have enjoyed a wide presence in various countries, with years of extensive research, focused on developing the education function for young children. Future Intelligence Publishing house is supporting its launch into the Indian market.

Speaking at the book-distribution event, Sang Kyu Kim, CEO, LucyMax said, “It has been heartwarming to interact with the underprivileged yet highly intelligent children. India is a huge market for child education and we are keen to explore the possibilities that the vibrant country offers. We want to make high-quality education available to each and every kid in India, as it is their basic right”.

Adding on to his comment, Vikram from Future Intelligence Books said, “Each and every kid deserves the best in education and we, at Future Intelligence Books, were motivated by the vision that Kim shared for the Indian market. We wish to make a greater impact in the child education segment in India”.