Mentor & Mascot Indian Film Federation appointed Rahul Gandhi as the State President of Haryana

Rahul Gandhi- Co-founder, Option Designs

New Delhi: The Mentor & Mascot Indian Film Federation has appointed Rahul Gandhi, the Co-founder of Option Designs; as the State President of Haryana on 14th September 2021 with the vision to promote the Indian cinema, Indian heritage and Indian culture at an international level.

Leading Option Designs – a purpose driven agency, Mr. Gandhi comes with 15+ years of experience where he has worked for top notch brands like Haldiram, Vivo Amway, Barista, Bodycare, JBL, Coolwinks, etc. He has single headedly managed more than 100 brands.

He is an embodiment of powerhouse who through his strategy has taken the company to new horizons of success, where he persistently disrupts the advertisement industry with the help of the impact he has created by going beyond the regular path.

On the occasion, Rahul Gandhi said, “Having passion for Indian cinema, it is a great honor to be a part of Mentor & Mascot Indian Film Federation. I would like to immensely contribute and join hands with the Federation in its endeavor to explore and enhance the Indian cinema landscape. By invoking the creative agency, I want to set a benchmark that values and celebrates the aesthetics of the Indian cinema.”