New Age Agripreneurs successfully delivers Hydroponic Veggies through a Mothers distribution network to 5000+ Households in Mumbai and Pune

New Age Agripreneurs successfully delivers Hydroponic Veggies through a Mothers distribution network to 5000+ Households in Mumbai and Pune

Nutrifresh, a brand that symbolizes hydroponically grown fresh, clean, green residue-free & chemical-free produce has adopted & patronized a unique women centric mothers community called Tigressmoms to ensure delivery of their fresh vegetables to over 5000 homes in last one year in Mumbai and Pune even during the pandemic. Nutrifresh encouraged women entrepreneurship advocating a healthy lifestyle for moms of today, enabled availability of fresh, rich in nutrients produce of vegetables through 10 + mothers as homemakers through Tigressmoms thus encouraging women entrepreneurship.

Nutrifresh makes use of nutrient rich water which is RO purified to help plants grow enabling entire produce to be freshly harvested and delivered at households within 24 hours of its harvest. The entire produce is harvested, sorted and packed at a world class facility at India’s state of the art and biggest hydroponic project and shipped to Mumbai and Pune. Further, at Nutrifresh, there is minimum or no hand touching of the vegetables and once packed at the farm, these veggies are opened at consumer’s place only. And that is how Nutrifresh offers pesticide free, chemical free veggies delivered at homes.

Says Mr Sanket Mehta, one of the Agripreneurs at Nutrifresh, “We started with a motive to serve Indians with fresh, rich in nutrients and pesticide free produce as a result of unequal demand supply of nutritious and fresh greens which are beyond the reach of common consumers in spite of India being an agrarian economy. Therefore together with my partner – Mr. Ganesh Nikam, we embarked on this journey of vegetables produced and marketed the hydrophonic way. This concept of hydroponics which is basically growing vegetables without soil and in a controlled environment is more of a sustainable and Precision Farming. Nutrifresh is the only hydroponic unit in India which grows and sells 42+ different SKUs to satisfy needs to various customers and is the biggest Hydroponic Project in India and has patronized production, marketing and distribution by women. Besides the fresh concept, we have also kept the middle man and intruders out of the system and thus are happy to engage with Tigressmoms.”

What has helped Nutrifresh gain momentum during the pandemic, is its women centric approach towards production and distribution. It focussed on creating a women specific process at every step from production, harvesting, marketing and distribution till delivery; all done by woman.

Nutrifresh, could reach out to various people through online seminars, workshops and sessions for immunity driving and better healthy eating practices.