PM Modi’s Third Term: Focus on Economic Policies and Technological Innovations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his third term in office on Monday, marking a significant milestone in his political career. The revised structure of the Centre is set to tweak Modi’s existing plans, indicating a strategic shift in how his administration will approach governance in this new term. A key focus will be a review of the 100-day agenda, ensuring it aligns with current priorities and challenges.

 The updated agenda will emphasize key economic policies, particularly in the areas of technological innovations, digital infrastructure, and the vibrant start-up ecosystem. By prioritizing these sectors, Modi aims to drive economic growth, enhance digital connectivity, and foster a supportive environment for new businesses. This approach reflects the administration’s commitment to leveraging technology and innovation as pivotal drivers of India’s economic future.

 Comments by Akshay Munjal, Founder and CEO, Hero Vired
“As the new government gets poised to take centerstage, one is filled with utmost optimism regarding the future of the Indian economy. The first 100 days are the most crucial in laying the foundation for the next few years. I think that the elected government must prioritize making capital more accessible and available at competitive interest rates to empower entrepreneurs across India.

 Regulations should be simplified and streamlined as this will help drive innovation and generate more jobs by propelling India’s vibrant start-up ecosystem. This is particularly essential if the nation is to achieve its ambition of emerging as a $5 trillion economy at the earliest. Additionally, strategic investments in digital infrastructure, renewable energy, and skill development will be necessary to maintain our growth momentum and combat global challenges. A comprehensive approach covering the above aspects will accelerate the country’s journey towards becoming the world’s third-largest economy, reinforcing India’s status as a global economic powerhouse.”