Romanch Celebrates mother’s birthday with a heartfelt VIDEO, calls her the ‘True Star’ of his life

They say, “Life arrives without a manual, but it does come with a mother.” A mother steps into the roles of everyone else, yet her place remains irreplaceable. Today, actor Romanch Mehta resonates with these profound truths as his mother marks another year. Yes! It is the birthday of actor Romanch Mehta’s mother, and within the serene recesses of his soul, gratitude blossoms like a cherished garden.

 Sharing his deep affection for his mother, Romanch Mehta expressed, “Behind every role I play, there’s a script written by the most incredible woman I know – my mother. She’s not just my guiding light, motivation and inspiration, but the heartbeat of my life’s story. In awe of her strength, inspired by her love, and forever grateful for the unspoken bond that makes every scene in my life worth celebrating. She is the thread that binds my joy, my strength, and my love. Her simplicity and pure heart illuminate my world. She’s the true star in my life’s movie, and I’m just blessed to be her leading actor.”

 The ‘Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’ actor posted a heartening video on his Instagram handle capturing tender moments of his mother, where he marvels at his mother’s enduring love through the simple act of preparing delicious food. In her aging grace, she remains the beacon of love in his life, a testament to the timeless beauty of their mother-son relationship.

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 For Romanch, it is not just a celebration of another year but a poignant reminder of the profound bond that defines their shared journey—a bond that echoes through the silent spaces of a son’s heart, where a mother’s love is the sweetest melody.

 On the work front, Romanch Mehta is known for his roles in Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala among others. He recently wrapped up shooting for the web series ‘Bhagin.’ The release date and trailer for the web series are expected to be unveiled soon.