Sri Pullela Gopichand addressing freshers at OMC, emphasised on focussing on goals to achieve success

Dr P. Shashikala Reddy, Principal, Osmania Medical College, inaugurating the sports facility at Osmania Medical College, today, as Chief Guest Padmabhushan Sri Pullela Gopichand, faculty, staff and students look on.

Hyderabad, September 22nd, 2023: Osmania Medical College (OMC), hosted a grand reception to welcome the freshers of the 2023 batch, at Osmania Medical College, today. Chief Guest Padmabhushan Sri Pullela Gopichand graced the Induction Ceremony, inspired the students and inaugurated a new sports facility at OMC. Principal Dr P. Shashikala Reddy, faculty, staff and students were present at the on the occasion.

Addressing the freshers of the 2023 batch, Principal Dr P. Shashikala Reddy emphasised on the significance of two crucial aspects, discipline and time management, in their lives and career ahead. She underscored the need to nurture these traits as the stepping stones to success. She congratulated the freshers for choosing the noble profession of medicine and the difference they can make to several lives. Dr. Reddy reminded the students that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which in turn instils confidence in patients and contributes to successful outcomes in treating diseases.

Sri Pullela Gopichand, took the opportunity to reminisce about his own journey in the world of sports. He shared the highs and lows, highlighting the value of resilience and determination in the face of failure. He spoke passionately about how sports plays a pivotal role in students’ lives, teaching them valuable lessons about embracing failure and bouncing back to achieve success. Gopichand emphasized on the importance of focussing on goals to achieving success and recounted a pivotal incident that forever changed his perspective on sports.

Following his enlightening speech, Sri Pullela Gopichand, formal inaugurated various sports facilities, including a volleyball court, shuttle courts, and a basketball court.