Stanza Living’s first brand campaign promises a living experience ‘loved by you, approved by moms’

Stanza Living Brand Campaign 2

New Delhi: Leaving home to learn, work, and build a life in a new city is a rite of passage for many youngsters. And feeling reluctant about their young adult living all by themselves in a strange new city is fairly common for moms. Getting the two on the same page about their views – near impossible. Add to this a pandemic that has upped parents’ obsession with their family’s safety needs and convincing moms just became tougher. But having already spent over a year at home stuck with their families, these young adults want to leave home and get back to college/work. And while they may disagree with their mom’s dire predictions, when it comes to hygiene and safety, her approval is second to none.

This is where Stanza Living fits in perfectly – offering vibrant, fully-furnished residences that are perfect for youngsters to enjoy the best years of their lives, along with stringent COVID measures to put the moms’ worries at bay. Through its new brand campaign, Stanza Living is promising a living experience ‘Loved by you. Approved by Moms’.

Elaborating on the concept, Sahil Chopra, VP-Marketing and Communications, Stanza Living said “Parents and children rarely ever agree on anything. But with our product proposition, we are confident of bringing them together on the same page. Through the campaign, we are showcasing our top-notch residences – perfect for youngsters who are eager to live in a place that truly matches their tastes. At the same time, we are giving a peek into our robust COVID safety protocols and a strict ‘no room for error’ policy that gets nods from parents. Whenever you search for a safe harbour in a new city, you know Stanza Living is the place to choose.”

The digitally-native campaign will kickstart with three teaser films to bring alive a topical conflict in many Indian homes right now – after nearly two years of facing the pandemic, the aspirational young adults of India are heading back to colleges and workplaces, but moms are not too keen about the idea of them living in regular PGs, hostels and other rental spaces where COVID safety measures could be suspect. So, from worrying about whether they will get good quality food to how safe and hygienic a new place will be or even whether they should be staying on their own leaving the care and familiarity of home and family – the teasers showcase parental paranoia in today’s times.

The three main films of the campaign record the conflict being resolved when the same mom-youngster duos visit Stanza Living properties and each of them are amazed by what they see – great facilities (vibrant rooms, fun common areas, and delicious food) for the youngster, and stringent COVID protocols/measures that assure the moms. The films use the creative device of a dream-like trance that lets us deliver the simple message – our residences will be ‘loved by you, approved by moms’ – in a fun and memorable way.

Launching with Youtube Ad films, the digitally-native campaign will be promoted across a host of popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Sharechat; digital content and OTT platforms like Zee5, Disney-Hotstar, Sony LIV, Moj, Roposo, Voot, MX Takata, Inshorts and DTH platforms like Airtel XStream. Targeted at students, young working professionals and their parents, students, and young working professionals across Tier I and II cities. In addition, we are engaging social media content creators to spread the word about how Stanza Living is ‘Loved by you, Approved by moms’

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, it becomes even more imperative that consumers are able to fulfill a host of living needs like housing, food, internet, housekeeping, laundry, mobility, and more, seamlessly and securely. Stanza Living’s new campaign speaks to parents and their young adults on how their residences are a haven in a new city for young migrants, much like the home they are moving out from.