Taj Mahal, New Delhi strengthens its commitment to sustainable hospitality practices with Innergise Green Meetings

New Delhi, 5th June, 2024: Ahead of World Environment Day, Taj Mahal, New Delhi introduces Innergise Green Meetings, a pioneering initiative aimed at establishing new benchmarks for sustainable business conferences and events. Designed to inspire creativity and foster collaboration, the initiative features mindfully curated menus, responsibly sourced consumables, sustainable meeting services, and energising participative activities, all while ensuring a positive impact on both the planet and the participants.


The announcement perfectly aligns with the upcoming World Environment Day, themed ‘Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience,’ emphasising the hotel’s dedication to environmental consciousness.

Innergise Green Meetings offers a refreshing and innovative approach to corporate gatherings. From using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients with low sugar and fat content, to implementing energy-efficient practices such as EV transport, LED lighting, and smart thermostats, and utilising recycled paper, the initiative ensures every aspect of the meeting is environmentally conscious.

Additionally, it offers enriching activities like Yoga, sound healing, and meditation sessions under expert guidance, enhancing the overall experience. This initiative is part of the Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL)’s commitment to Ahvaan 2025 under the Paathya framework, reinforcing its leadership in eco-friendly hospitality.

Mr. Satyajeet Krishnan, Area Director – Operations and General Manager at Taj Mahal, New Delhi, said, “At Taj Mahal, New Delhi, sustainability has always been a priority, and the introduction of Innergise Green Meetings marks another milestone in our journey towards sustainability. We are excited to offer a unique, eco-friendly meeting experience that harmonises with our commitment to exceptional hospitality while creating a lasting positive impact on our environment.”

Chef Arun Sundararaj, Director of Culinary Operations – Taj Mahal, New Delhi, said, ” At Taj Mahal, New Delhi, we believe in crafting experiences that transcend the ordinary, and our latest initiative, Innergise Green Meetings, embodies this ethos. Led by culinary excellence and a commitment to environmental responsibility, Innergise Green Meetings are set to revolutionise corporate gatherings. Our menus for Innergise Green Meetings are crafted with great care, using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious.”

Over the years, Taj Mahal, New Delhi has implemented several measures to minimise its ecological footprint including the introduction of a bottling plant, and the utilisation of IOT Automation technology through IOT Ecotech which helps in optimising efficiency.

Moreover, the hotel’s dedication to environmental stewardship is evident in its innovative solutions like chemical-free cooling tower treatment, which reduces water consumption by up to 15% and eliminates the use of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the adoption of heat pumps for hot water generation has led to a considerable decrease in PNG consumption, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions. The installation of EV chargers further promotes sustainability by encouraging the use of electric vehicles.