The Revival Of Heat & Humidity Across The State Is A Threat For The Growth Of Eye Allergies

Dr. Saugata Poddar from Disha Eye Hospitals – Kolkata shares some valuable suggestions regarding the eye related problems which an individual can encounter due to fluctuating weather conditions across Bengal, mounting Summer Heat, High Humidity and timid rainfall contributing to the worsening of the environmental condition before the advent of normal monsoon season.

During this particular season, many people are affected by dehydration, heat stroke, and skin darkening. Additionally, common eye problems that arise due to high temperatures include allergies, conjunctivitis, and styes. Proper eye hygiene and protection can help prevent these heat-driven eye issues.

People Prone to Eye Allergies:

  • Individuals with allergic diseases like asthma and eczema are more susceptible to eye allergies.
  • Common allergens that cause eye allergies include diesel exhaust, cigarette smoke, and perfumes.

 Symptoms of Eye Allergies:

  • Swollen eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Puffy eyes
  • Itchy eyes or a burning sensation
  • Excessive watering of the eyes
  • Stringy eye discharge
  • Dilated vessels in the clear tissue covering the white portion of the eye
  • Recommended Measures:

Eye Rinsing:

  •  Rinse eyes repeatedly with cold or warm water.
  • Wipe gently with a soft tissue.

Natural Remedies:

  •  Use rose water as a natural remedy.

 Resting Eyes:

  • Shut eyes for around 5 minutes to allow full effects of remedies.

 Sunglasses and Glasses:

  •  Use prescribed sunglasses.
  • Children with allergies should wear sunglasses or zero power glasses to avoid dust and fumes and frequently wash
  • their eyes with cold water after returning from outside.

 Avoiding Contact Lenses:

  •  Avoid wearing contact lenses until treatment is complete.
  • Disinfect hard lenses overnight before reuse.

 Cold Compression:

  •  Instead of rubbing eyes, apply cold compression to relieve discomfort.

 Swimming Precautions:

  •  Wear protective goggles while swimming.
  • Wash face with a face wash and rinse eyes with cold water after swimming.

 Indoor Air Quality:

  •  Keep the AC indoor unit clean to reduce indoor allergens.

 When to See a Doctor:

  • If home remedies do not work, consult a doctor for suitable medication to treat the infection.