This Father’s Day, Zing Celebrates the Unseen Coach in Our Lives with #DadMyFirstCoach


Mumbai – June 14, 2024 – This Father’s Day, Zing is proud to unveil its latest campaign, #DadMyFirstCoach, celebrating the unique and invaluable role that dads play in our lives. More than just providers and protectors, dads are often our first coaches, offering unwavering support and cheering us on through life’s many challenges. These silent champions find joy in their children’s small victories, knowing these moments pave the way for greater triumphs. Zing’s new video beautifully captures the essence of fatherhood, highlighting the special ways dads express their love and support. They are our first coaches, biggest fans, and silent cheerleaders, always there to guide us toward success. This heartwarming tribute shines a light on the unsung heroes who shape our lives.

Pankaj Balhara, Business Head at Zing, shared, “Most of us wouldn’t be where we are today without the guidance and support of our fathers. They are the silent spectators who watch our every move and guide us quietly, helping us become the best versions of ourselves. This Father’s Day, we are highlighting the often-unacknowledged role dads play in shaping our skills, resilience, and character – essentially, being our first coaches. Sometimes, the most significant victories come from the sidelines, by cheering on our children and celebrating their achievements. This video is a tribute to those dads who find their happiness in their children’s success.”

Join us in celebrating these remarkable role models this Father’s Day. Watch the #DadMyFirstCoach video and share your stories of the amazing dads who have helped you win in life. Let’s honour the silent champions who win by watching us win.