TrueBalance hits a six with Aapki Har Zaroorat Ka Saathi campaign to empower financial needs of the next billion

New Delhi, June 20, 2024: Balancehero India, a prominent RBI-authorized digital lending company, has launched the latest edition of its ‘Aapki Har Zaroorat Ka Saathi’ campaign, aiming to support individuals in handling unexpected financial challenges with convenience. Balancehero India offers multiple types of personal loans through its digital lending app, TrueBalance. Drawing a parallel with cricket, the campaign demonstrates how the TrueBalance app is like a team player, ready to step up when financial emergencies arise.

Manika Mittal_Group Head of Communication and Public Relations at Balancehero India

The campaign emphasizes the simplicity and accessibility of TrueBalance’s personal finance solutions, showcasing how users can secure instant personal loans ranging from ₹1,000 to ₹1,00,000 through the app with just a few clicks, without the need for tedious paperwork or a guarantor.

Through a series of videos, the campaign highlights everyday financial challenges faced by people from various backgrounds, showcasing how TrueBalance steps in as a reliable companion to help them tackle these challenges and fulfill their dreams. Using cricket metaphors to illustrate the quick and efficient loan process—likening it to hitting a boundary shot with ease and precision—the initiative specifically targets individuals who are part of financially evolving segments, raising awareness about the simplicity and accessibility of TrueBalance’s services.

Manika Mittal, Group Head of Communication and Public Relations at Balancehero India, expressed her excitement about the campaign, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce our latest campaign, aimed at empowering individuals to navigate unexpected financial challenges effortlessly. At BalanceHero India, our commitment is to promote financial inclusion by understanding the unique needs of the financially evolving segments, delivering seamless credit solutions to the credit-assessable population currently left out.”

The campaign’s narrative resonates across borders, illustrating the shared dreams of individuals from varied walks of life. TrueBalance steps forward as a steadfast ally, facilitating the realization of these aspirations. Whether it’s advancing educational ambitions, launching entrepreneurial ventures, or managing unforeseen financial challenges, TrueBalance stands ready—a dependable companion and enabler for those seeking support.

Despite significant progress in financial inclusion, tier 2, tier 3, and rural regions in India still face restricted access to financial services. Research shows that out of the millions of credit-assessable adults in India, a significant number are either credit unserved or underserved. TrueBalance aims to bridge this gap, providing millennials, salaried workers, and self-employed individuals with easy access to personal finance solutions.

Balancehero India offers multiple types of personal loans through its digital lending app, TrueBalance. It is one of the few digital lenders in the country that is backed up by their own NBFC, ‘True Credit’. The company further plans to diversify its product offerings by taking a marketplace approach, which involves expanding its lending portfolio by introducing various financial service providers.