Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central Distributes First-Aid Boxes to Local Societies under Neighbourhood Program

Mumbai, India – June, 2024 – In a significant community outreach initiative, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, distributed first-aid boxes to local societies as part of their ongoing Neighbourhood Program. The event, which took place on June 15, 2024, also featured an open forum discussion, fostering dialogue between society members and hospital representatives to better understand and address local healthcare needs.

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 A Commitment to Community Health and Safety
The Neighbourhood Program is an extension of Wockhardt Hospitals’ dedication to improving public health and safety. By distributing first-aid boxes, the hospital aims to empower residents to handle minor injuries and emergencies effectively, promoting a safer and healthier community.

 Dr. Virendra Chauhan, Centre Head of Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, expressed, “Engaging directly with our community through initiatives like the Neighbourhood Program allows us to better understand and address the unique healthcare needs of each society. At Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central we believe in a proactive approach to healthcare, where preventive measures and education play a pivotal role in fostering a healthier community. By distributing first-aid boxes and hosting interactive discussions, we aim to empower our residents with the knowledge and tools they need to manage minor medical situations effectively. Our commitment is to continuously work alongside local leaders and society members to create tailored healthcare services that truly benefit our community.”

 Dr. Clive Fernandes, Group Clinical Director & Group Chief Operating Officer Wockhardt Hospitals, expressed the hospital’s vision behind the initiative, saying, “Our goal is to ensure that every member of our community has access to basic medical supplies and knowledge. The distribution of first-aid boxes is just one step towards creating a more health-conscious and prepared society. We believe that community engagement and preventive measures are crucial components of comprehensive healthcare.”

 Interactive Open Forum Discussion
The event was marked by an open forum discussion, which served as a platform for society members to voice their healthcare concerns and expectations. Topics ranged from the need for regular health check-ups and emergency medical services to awareness programs on prevalent health issues like diabetes, hypertension, and mental health.

  Addressing Healthcare Needs Holistically
The forum allowed Wockhardt Hospitals to gather valuable feedback and identify specific areas where they could offer support. In response to the community’s concerns, the hospital announced plans to organize regular health camps, offer educational workshops on first-aid and emergency response, and provide free health screenings for common ailments.

 Future Initiatives and Collaborations
Following the success of this event, Wockhardt Hospitals plans to expand the Neighbourhood Program to other parts of Mumbai, with a focus on building stronger relationships with local communities. The hospital is committed to working closely with society representatives to tailor healthcare services that meet their specific needs.

 In the coming months, Wockhardt Hospitals will roll out a series of health camps, workshops, and educational sessions designed to enhance community health literacy and provide accessible medical care. These initiatives will be developed in collaboration with local leaders and healthcare professionals to ensure they are relevant and impactful.