Every Week Cyber Crime News Headliners Only Seems to Get Worse

Brisbane, Australia, June 18, 2024 — Excelitte – A Software Cyber Security Product not only offers a 100% guarantee that your data can’t be hacked, “ransomwared,” stolen, lost or deleted forever etc.

TEMSCONSU the parent company now a provides a 100% full refund guarantee in the unlikely event that any data it is protecting becomes vulnerable to Cyber Crime.

The list of reported successful cyber incidents globally less than halfway through the year continues to grow exponentially across both public & private sectors and it is likely to only get worse.

United Health, Medisecure, North Korea breaching the accounts of 100 South Korean ministry of defence personnel, Australian utility provider Sumo, Firstmac – US Mortgage Lender, Dropbox, London Drugs – Canadian Pharmaceutical company, U.S. drug Cencora etc, the list is endless and continuously growing.

Governance, Best Practise, Punitive Legislation, existing Information Technology security techniques such as Firewalls, Zero-Trust, 2-Factor authentication alone don’t seem to be mitigating Cyber Attacks and are unlikely to work anymore.

To stand any chance of mitigating these attacks or stopping these headliner news items, there needs to be a significant mindset change on how to fight Cyber Crime especially by IT Security Experts, Cyber Security, and IT Professionals alike.

Methods and techniques that worked 15 to 20 years ago are unlikely to suffice now, especially since the amount of sensitive data we now generate, capture, or save has grown exponentially.

Cyber Crime attack patterns have also become a lot more sophisticated, highly organised and automated.

The mindset must now be to also use advanced automation techniques across encryption, several factors of Authentication, Biometrics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics to pre-empt, deter, defend, and impede these attacks.

The tactics and approach to fighting Cyber Crime needs to be completely steeped in automation and newer advanced Information Technology Precepts otherwise many more organisations will become victims and all our data globally will remain vulnerable to successful Cyber Attacks.

Excelitte leverages all the above methods, techniques to include continuous research/development work to establish newer alternative, nontraditional automated tools or techniques to impede Cyber Crime.

Excelitte AI uses Artificial Intelligence/ Deep Machine Learning, Rank/Scoring, Software Robotics and all manner of Automation to pre-empt, offensively and defensively attack cybercrime entities/devices

The core Excelitte features are deployed an out of the box solution and can start to secure your data in hours.