Finit Announces Transition to Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)


Cincinnati, OH, February 26, 2024 – – In 2002, Finit began as two people — Rob Cybulski and Angie Apple — former colleagues who bonded over complex finance challenges, smart technology solutions, and the shared belief that the typical consulting model seemed to be inherently broken.

They built Finit on a foundation of personal relationships: with clients and colleagues, with what makes work meaningful and doing business worthwhile. And Finit’s intentional focus on nurturing those relationships – connecting as people, first – has powered Finit for over twenty years. Over that span Finit has transformed from a few like-minded individuals to an expansive team all bought into a values-driven culture, where they combine superior technical and financial expertise with emotional intelligence to go “beyond the build” and deliver amazing for their clients.

Today, they ensure that culture can live on indefinitely for generations to come. Finit is proud, excited, and humbled to announce that they have transitioned to 100% employee ownership – marking a significant milestone in their history. This strategic move underscores their commitment to employee empowerment and long-term success, fostering a more inclusive and participatory culture.

Finit views this transition to an ESOP as the ultimate alignment of interests across their employees, clients, vendor partners, and all others within the Finit ecosystem. Because they are now 100% employee-owned, Finit can endure as an independent company focused on core values facilitating client and team member success, free from the pressures of external investors.

It also means that their incredible employees (affectionately dubbed, Finitians) – from the consultants leading projects, to the architects and developers who are building ground-breaking solutions, to all of those behind the scenes who have helped make Finit what it is today – are now employee-owners. While the Finit team has always put the success of their clients at the forefront, the ESOP adds an additional layer of comfort and security for clients. When interacting with anyone at Finit, from the management team to a team member working directly on specific objectives and challenges, that touchpoint is now an employee-owner who is driven solely by Finit’s core values and the desire to build long-term relationships seeded in shared success. It’s unique in the consulting industry, and something that Finit is incredibly proud to offer.

“Transitioning to an ESOP is a testament to our belief in our team and their contributions to Finit’s success,” said Rob Cybulski, co-founder and CEO of Finit. “We have built the foundation for the future of Finit with those who care about it the most and know it best: our amazing employee team members. This move paired with our existing management and leadership team remaining fully in place not only elevates our employee team member experience and benefits, but creates a unique and deeper alignment of interests with our clients to create transformative outcomes and spur vital innovations for the CFO organization.”

An ESOP is an employee benefit plan that gives employees ownership interest in the company. This structure benefits the employees, the company, and their clients by aligning interests towards a common goal. As stakeholders, employees are further invested in the company’s performance – fostering a culture of collaboration, accountability, and shared success.

“By transitioning to an ESOP, we are ensuring that Finit’s future growth and success are equitably shared by all employees, not just by the original owners,” said Angie Apple, co-founder of Finit. “Becoming a 100% employee-owned company aligns with our values around equity and inclusion and truly demonstrates that at Finit, we succeed together.”

For more information about Finit and its transition to 100% employee ownership, please contact:

Doug Whitney
Managing Director, Marketing

About Finit:

In 2002, Finit’s founders created a company where people matter more than profit. They loved building solutions and working with technology, but were unsatisfied with the large consulting company approach. They believed that by doing excellent work and doing it with the highest standard of integrity, they could create unmatched experiences for both clients and employees. Finit, with its unique business model, which compensates consultants based on client satisfaction not billable hours, has delivered 100% success for over 350 clients, including many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, and over 1000 projects. Finit consistently delivers value through excellent CFO technology solutions – with integrity and with a constant focus on what is in the best interest of the client. Finit was the first partner with OneStream software, a leading Corporate Performance Management technology company, and leads the industry with 450+ successful OneStream projects.

Forward-Looking Statements:

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Doug Whitney
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