Kalder integrates NEAR for the Future of Web3 Brand Loyalty

New York, NY – May 25, 2023 – Kalder, a web3-native brand loyalty platform designed to revolutionize brand loyalty through blockchain-based tools, has announced its integration with NEAR’s Ethereum-compatible layer 2, Aurora. Through the partnership, Kalder’s partners can launch their web3 membership programs on Aurora, benefiting from the built-in infrastructure for gasless transactions. By building a loyalty program on-chain, Aurora will activate additional users and have added support for mainstream brand partnerships.

Kalder leverages innovative blockchain technology to offer NFT memberships, contribute-to-earn quests, and interoperable brand-loyalty rewards. The platform was built to provide brands with a suite of no-code web3 tools to create enduring community engagement, reward loyal customers, and build composable digital asset ecosystems.

The integration with Aurora, a high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developed on top of the NEAR blockchain, will help brands engage their communities in a more economical and efficient way. Aurora offers low transaction costs, high throughput, scalability, and full Ethereum compatibility, making it the ideal platform for Kalder’s next-gen brand engagement tools.

Kalder is dedicated to interoperability, built with the framework to allow members of brand communities to engage with other Kalder clients, which is furthered by the EVM-compatibility of Aurora. NEAR’s commitment to seamless cross-chain transactions further enhances Kalder’s work to build a multichain brand ecosystem.

 “Kalder’s mission is to turn passive customers into active participants by helping brands launch unique, engaging experiences that benefit all parties,” said Gökçe Güven, CEO and co-founder of Kalder. “We cannot best serve our partners and users as they enter the world of web3 without a seamless and secure experience, which is why our integration with NEAR is so exciting.”

Kalder and its partners will be able to easily offset gas costs for community members, improving their onboarding experience. Using NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System (BOS), Kalder can easily build decentralized application frontends on top of and secured by the NEAR blockchain. By leveraging BOS, Kalder will allow users to view their membership NFTs, brand loyalty points, and more.

“Kalder’s integration into the NEAR ecosystem marks a significant step forward in our shared vision to bring a scalable, low-cost, and user-friendly platform to the forefront of blockchain technology,” said Marieke Flament, CEO of the NEAR Foundation. “Their pioneering work in revolutionizing brand loyalty and engagement aligns with our dedication to innovation and user experience. As we jointly navigate the landscape of blockchain development, we anticipate that this partnership will redefine brand-customer interactions, making significant strides in community engagement with mainstream consumers.”

The integration follows Kalder’s recent partnership with luxury streetwear brand Les Benjamins, launching the company’s first-ever membership program. Members gain exclusive access to fashion shows, pop-up sales, and more while participating in gamified quests, earning rewards for sharing photos of how they style their favorite Les Benjamins pieces and additional unique contribute-to-earn opportunities. Each Kalder-powered partnership will feature unique activities and rewards based on the company’s clientele, however gamified quests and exclusive opportunities will be consistent throughout.

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