New eDNA Invoicing Platform from xSuite

Ahrensburg, Germany, June 14, 2024 – The upcoming e-invoicing obligation for B2B in Germany is reflected in the xSuite product portfolio: xSuite eDNA (electronic Document Network Adapter) is the software manufacturer’s new invoice platform that can handle a wide variety of e-invoice formats. Acting as a “single point of connection,” the solution converts received documents into a standardized format for easy downstream processing. This makes it a reliable gateway for connecting with e-invoicing landscapes across national borders. In the next version of the software, eDNA will also be able to create electronic invoices for dispatch.

Machine-readable XML data records, the invoice format of the future, will replace paper and PDF invoices over the medium term. However, each country has its own laws, portals, networks and, in some cases, different invoice formats. xSuite eDNA, the cloud-based exchange and conversion platform for e-invoices, therefore accepts incoming (and soon also outgoing) invoice data records, converts them into the desired XML format and transfers them via various networks, e.g. Peppol.

The solution turns the heterogeneous inbound documents into a standardized format and applies the invoice data to the appropriate fields in the ERP system, both at the header and field level. The data is then reconciled with ERP master data in the downstream invoice processing solution, which enables automated creditor recognition. Validation is not required as the adapter takes care of this autonomously. Companies already using an xSuite workflow for paper, PDF or other invoice formats will be able to use it also to process the e-invoice.

The new solution connects companies with a wide range of e-invoicing channels, thus creating a gateway to e-invoicing landscapes of foreign countries. As regards invoices originating from networks, the compliance requirements have already been ensured by the sender. For selected formats received by email (ZUGFeRD, XRechnung and BIS Billing 3.0 from the end of 2024), conformity is checked with xSuite eDNA.

xSuite eDNA is connected to internal ERP systems via interfaces. When operated fully over the cloud, this reduces the burden on IT by minimizing the effort for hardware and software. xSuite eDNA supports SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP systems, as well as any other ERP system, via REST API or xSuite interface (on-premises or private cloud).