Paytm launches COVID-19 Vaccine Finder to help citizens…

Paytm launches COVID-19 Vaccine Finder to help citizens, now check availability real-time & receive alerts when new slots open via Paytm Chat

India’s leading digital financial services platform Paytm today announced the launch of COVID-19 Vaccine Finder on its Mini App store. The platform helps citizens to check the availability of vaccination slots for a specific date by individually entering different PIN codes or district details along with age group ( 18+ or 45+). In case the slots are saturated for the near future, users can select the option for real-time alerts from Paytm once any slot is free. The automated process reduces the hassle and ordeal of refreshing the platform for new slots repeatedly. The data is sourced on a real-time basis from the CoWIN API where a slot can be booked to take vaccination to protect oneself and loved ones

The company aims to enable maximum numbers of citizens to benefit from the service, get vaccinated in a timely manner & avoid crowding at the centres. The Government of India launched the world’s largest mass vaccination drive for citizens ranging between 18 to 44 years of age from May 1, 2021, to mitigate further chaos caused by the pandemic’s second wave. The vaccination along with strategic lockdown will help flatten the curve and build the country’s herd immunity at a faster pace. The launch of the Paytm COVID-19 Vaccine finder provides relief to the end-user to some extent by curbing the hassle of checking real-time availability of slots directly via the Paytm app and getting the jab at the earliest.

Paytm spokesperson said, “We have introduced a new feature to find COVID Vaccine slots in the nearby locality and set for alerts when new slots open up. We believe that with the combined efforts of Government, organizations, and citizens, we are on the right track to recovery. Our priority is to build collective resistance to the deadly virus as a nation, thus catalyzing the process of herd immunity.”