Qlik Expands Strategic Partnership With Google Cloud With Qlik Data Integration on Google Cloud Marketplace


Bangalore – Qlik® deepened its strategic partnership with Google Cloud today with the debut of Qlik Data Integration® on Google Cloud Marketplace. Google Cloud customers can now seamlessly and easily purchase Qlik Data Integration alongside their investment in Google Cloud to help drive more use and value from all their data.

The launch is the latest milestone in the growing relationship between Qlik and Google Cloud. Late last year Qlik launched a joint offering with Google Cloud to enable customers to drive more value from SAP data on Google BigQuery, reinforced by Qlik’s ‘SAP on Google Cloud Expertise’ designation. Just recently, Qlik achieved Premier Level partner status, and was included as a partner in the recent launch of Google Cloud Cortex Framework. These events build on Qlik’s deep integration with Google Cloud, giving customers increased confidence to successfully deploy Qlik Data Integration alongside Google Cloud to accelerate their cloud data strategies.

“Organizations are increasingly looking for solutions that help them to extract more business value from their data,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to have Qlik Data Integration available on the Google Cloud Marketplace and provide customers with more ways to make use of their data and technology investments.”

Qlik Data Integration automates real-time data streaming, refinement, cataloging and publishing between multiple source systems and Google Cloud. Qlik drives agility in the analytics process through automated data pipelines that provide real-time data streaming from the widest set of source systems (including SAP, Mainframe, RDBMS, Data Warehouses and more) and automates the transformation to analytics-ready data across Google Cloud.

One customer gaining significant benefits from combining Qlik Data Integration with Google Cloud is Gordon Food Service. As the largest family-managed food service business in the United States, Gordon Food Service operates over 170 stores and a delivery network covering foodservice operators east of the Mississippi River in the USA and coast-to-coast in Canada. “With Qlik Data Integration feeding Google Cloud to accelerate and scale our insights, we’ve gone from a 24-hour delay in knowing what’s happening to being able to address needs and issues in minutes,” said Eric Patterson, Senior Business Analyst, Sales at Gordon Food Service.

Qlik’s deep domain and technical expertise in migrating data from any system to Google Cloud is also reflected in Qlik being a partner in the recent Google Cloud Cortex Framework launch. The Framework endorsed solution reference templates and content for customers to accelerate business outcomes with less risk, complexity, and cost. Given its initial focus on accelerating SAP data, customers can confidently turn to Qlik given the company’s proven expertise in managing SAP’s complex, application-specific data structures into formats optimized for BigQuery with its ‘SAP on Google Cloud Expertise’ designation.

“Cloud platforms like Google Cloud are serving as key aspects of customers’ strategies to unlock more value from their core business data,” said Itamar Ankorion, SVP Technology Alliances at Qlik. “As a premier partner and certified for our expertise in transforming and delivering real-time data from any source, augmented by our new listing on the Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can easily procure and deploy with confidence Google Cloud and Qlik together to help drive data-driven decision making across their organization.”

To learn more about Qlik and Google Cloud visit the Google Cloud Marketplace or Google Cloud Migration & Data Transfer – Google Cloud Platform | Qlik. To learn more about Qlik’s Data Integration platform, visit Qlik Data Integration | Qlik.