Significance Of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence For Having An Edge In Career Landscape

Rahul Shrivastava, Digital Scientist, Inventateq
Rahul Shrivastava, Digital Scientist, Inventateq

By Rahul Shrivastava, Digital Scientist, Inventateq

What will the workplace be like in 10 years? The future prediction may be both entertaining and perilous. It’s safe to say that the world, and particularly the employment market, has evolved dramatically in the previous several decades. Coal mining has diminished, while others, such as the banking industry, have increased. Furthermore, workplaces have been transformed by technology and the advent of the internet era. Today, the rate of change appears to be increasing, and the careers that adapt and ride the wave of change will determine the future.

Data has become the most precious thing, and it drives small to big industries. The industry’s dependency on past Data for future prediction has given a lot of scope for a good career in the field of Data Science. New technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence have helped industries grow faster. These technologies are the best example that clearly shows, how Data can be utilized and combined to make a machine learn and build its algorithm to solve problems. As Data gets more important with time, it is important for retaining and acquiring talent.

Having top talents will be a major distinction for people looking for and interviewing for employment in today’s contemporary workplace, and surely in tomorrow’s world of work. The surge in STEM occupations and the emphasis on tech positions, such as artificial intelligence (AI), Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and cyber security, demonstrates that crucial abilities are necessary as an entrance point into particular career routes.

Still, the question rises if data science and AI provide you with an edge in your career perspective?

In the contemporary world, Mass has become technology dependent as we can see the high rise in demand for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and in coming years it is expected to have exponential growth in the sector. Moreover, the digital data collected is growing and new factors for Data Collection are getting added rapidly. This rapid change of Data from time to time makes Data Science a challenging career with new scope regularly. The game of Data is so big with a long-lasting impact. The data collected are analysed in multiple manners to get different results. For e.g. the data collected by census not only provides us with population but also helps us in understanding the demographic, linguistic as well. If we analyze deep, the same data can be used to identify the amount of actual area for habitat and the forest in the country. This is a mere way how the same data provide different information and this is where Data Science has been evolving and its growth is immense.

It is quite evident with the nature of changing future, that data science will soon be seen as a mandatory skillset like MS Office and MS Excel for the employees. InventaTeq has been a pioneer in contributing great Data Analysts, Data Scientists, ML experts, etc. to multiple firms for the past 10 years and the current demand for data scientists Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence is showing a spike post-COVID.