Tech Professionals Witness 150% Median Salary Hike Post Upskilling: Scaler Career Transition Assessment Report

New Delhi, June 20, 2024

Scaler, a leading education provider in India, has announced that the learners from its upskilling programs – Scaler Academy and Scaler DSML (Data Science & Machine Learning) – have secured a median salary hike of 150% and 110% respectively in the last two years, according to an audited Career Transition Assessment Report.

The report, assessed by B2K Analytics, the agency that audits IIM Ahmedabad’s placement reports, discloses that the top 25% of software development program learners secured an average package of Rs 48 LPA, while the middle 80% received an average package of Rs 25 LPA. The same numbers reflect 35 LPA and 18 LPA for graduates of the data science program, respectively.

The increase in average salary hike reflects the continuing demand for skilled professionals in the ever-evolving tech landscape. This trend aligns with the data from the 2022 report, indicating a persistent need for upskilling to meet industry requirements.

The report highlights a substantial jump in the average salaries of learners. Pre-upskilling, the average CTC of learners stood at Rs 17.77 LPA, which has now surged to Rs 33.73 LPA post-upskilling. Parallelly, the average salary of learners from the data science cohort prior to upskilling stood at 15.47 LPA. Post upskilling, the average CTC secured by them shot to 30.68 LPA, reflecting the efficacy of upskilling and continuous learning in elevating tech career prospects.

The report also reveals that the key roles in high demand among software development recruiters include Senior Developer, with companies offering an average CTC of Rs. 32.04 LPA, and mid-senior Developer, with an average CTC of Rs 34.69 LPA. Notably, tech professionals employed as System engineers and Support engineers in service-based companies prior to upskilling secured the highest salary hikes post-upskilling in software development.

Additionally, the report also reveals insights into high-paying roles within the data science and machine learning fields. Senior Data Scientists and Senior Developers hold top positions in average CTC, earning Rs 20.28 LPA and Rs 24.06 LPA, respectively. Interestingly, professionals securing Senior Machine Learning Engineer roles post-upskilling received one of the highest salary increments, securing an average hike of 150%.

Anshuman Singh, Co-founder of Scaler and InterviewBit, said – “Our aim at Scaler is to equip tech professionals with the skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. The findings of this placement report underscore the tangible benefits of upskilling in enhancing career prospects and meeting industry demands. As organisations across industries navigate rapid technological advancements, the demand for adaptable and skilled professionals continues to rise. Scaler’s commitment to providing an industry-aligned curriculum ensures our graduates possess the relevant skillsets that are highly sought after by leading tech employers. This not only empowers individuals to achieve their career goals but also contributes to a more skilled and future-proof tech workforce.”

The report reveals a trend of major tech companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, recruiting talent with these skills. Also, prominent names in other sectors like XpressBees, Walmart, Oracle, Salesforce, Samsung, and PayPal seek upskilled professionals. The demand extends to ITeS companies like TCS and Cognizant and professional services giants like Deloitte and EY.

“I initially joined Scaler to brush up on my fundamentals but got the whole grand package instead. And it was easily the best decision I could have made for myself! I got a much-needed skill boost and developed a focused and disciplined mindset that helped me pave my way towards companies like Microsoft and Oracle.” – Abinay Bingumalla, Scaler Academy alumni currently working for Oracle.

“I was already impressed with the first Masterclass. But when I began the DSML course, it was even better with my instructors, who taught me to code from scratch and helped me fight against my coding phobia. Learning about DSML every day is making me realise how broad its scope is. And especially with the emerging trends, this field is only bound to grow further.” – Sudhendu Kumar, Scaler DSML Alumni, currently working for Tata Motors.

As Scaler continues to expand its reach and impact, the company remains dedicated to transforming the landscape of tech education in India and beyond, equipping learners with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic tech industry. TIME Magazine has recognised the company’s dedication to upskilling tech talent and addressing the industry’s skills gap, ranking it #1 among the World’s Top EdTech Rising Stars of 2024.