TOP 5 web development trends to follow in 2021

TOP 5 web development trends to follow in 2021

Web development is a rapidly growing field, with innovations being released every month that could make you rethink your entire production process. It can be difficult to keep up with all the latest developments – but it’s very important to try your best if you’re looking for successful and effective web solutions.

To help you stay in touch with the web development field, we have prepared a list of the 5 most promising trends to follow in 2021 – take a good note of them if you’re creating a web application and are looking for help.

VR and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is gaining more and more popularity, both as entertainment and an effective business communication tool. The VR industry is expected to continue to aggressively grow in the coming years, and many websites have started to implement VR and AR features. If you’re looking to get into VR, now is the best time.

Mobile accessibility

Phones have become the go-to platform for most online shoppers, which is exactly why it’s so important to optimize your web apps for mobile users. Thankfully, there are a lot of open-source libraries available online dedicated to cross-platform development.

Remember about dark mode!

Nowadays, it’s almost expected for a website to feature a dark mode, especially if its main theme is bright. If your website or web app features a lot of whites, consider implementing an alternative dark theme to improve user experience.

Store your data in a cloud

Cloud processing has become an easy way of saving storage space and money, giving you access to tremendous amounts of data without having to purchase a lot of expensive equipment.

If you’re in need of professional web development services in Eastern Europe to help you with cloud-based solutions, is there to help. Nordlogic employs a team of skilled developers with years of experience working with Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon WS, and other popular cloud technologies.

Invest in blockchain technology

Cybersecurity is becoming a pressing issue in web development. Hackers are always on the prowl, looking for flaws in your system. Blockchain offers a straightforward solution to safe information processing, making it almost impossible to compromise.

Some of the largest companies in the world make use of blockchain technology to increase cybersecurity, including Spotify and IBM. If you’re looking to make your web apps safe, blockchain solutions are the way to go.

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