Adam Hallet, Founder & CEO of Hallet Enterprise, Helps Client Boost Productivity by 50%

Adam Hallet, Founder & CEO of Hallet Enterprise,

Crestview, Florida: Adam Hallet, Founder and CEO of Hallet Enteprise, announced that Hallet Enterprise helped client American Elite Molding boost productivity by 50%. American Elite Molding manufactures nylon cable ties and accessories at its plant in Crestview, Florida. The plant runs 24/7/365 and currently produces more than 1.5 billion cable ties annually; the company plans to double within five years. Management wanted to increase productivity, reduce errors, empower employees to solve problems quickly, and improve the shipping process, so they asked Hallet, a business transformation expert, to help.

The Hallet Enterprise team took a multi-step approach, first measuring the problem and understanding the cause. They examined American Elite Molding’s various production, assembly, quality assurance, and shipping processes to determine where issues existed; interviewed management and staff; observed these processes in action; and identified areas that could be improved.

“We recommended a variety of training programs to equip management and employees with the tools necessary to be more efficient and to be able to solve problems independently and effectively,” explained Hallet Enterprise Founder and CEO Adam Hallet. “Then we utilized the Kaizen method in the assembly and quality assurance areas. Kaizen is a method that re-engineers processes in a very short time. In the assembly process, we introduced Standard Work and Metrics which improved productivity by 50%. In the quality assurance process, we taught employees how to detect defects at the beginning of process, adjusted roles and responsibilities, and put measures in place to identify corrective action areas. To improve shipping accuracy and lead time, we developed a strategic approach to systematically improve the end to end process. Finally, we instituted key measures to ensure that customer orders are processed in a timely manner, allowing for long-term sustainability of the improvements. Together, these measures resulted in a 50% increase in productivity in American Elite Molding’s assembly process.”

Adam Hallet is a business transformation expert who has more than 20 years of quality, business transformation, and business performance improvement leadership in both financial services and manufacturing. He has experience across several industries, including financial services and healthcare. While at ING Retirement Services, Hallet was a Vice President and Master Black Belt responsible for the deployment of Lean Six Sigma, built continuous improvement team from zero employees to over 40 professionals and delivered over $100M in benefits over five years (5 times their cost). Prior to his work at ING, Hallet realized nearly $25M in organizational savings in only 2 years at the Hartford Insurance Company. He was the recipient of The Hartford’s Chairman Award in 2012 for his team’s transformational work.

Hallet Enterprise is a team of creative consultants with decades of business expertise from a variety of backgrounds, helping clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. They not only solve business problems, they teach clients how to be problem solvers. Hallet customizes every solution, utilizing a variety of tools such as data analysis, process mapping, change management, risk assessment, employee training, and more to create a blueprint for success that is specific to each client. Hallet teams build actionable solutions that deliver the results clients want.