Jagan Nath University hosted an International Webinar Scientists discussed the about the need for Sustainable Development & Resource Management in Agricultural Sector

International webinar

Jagan Nath University situated in Jhajjar-Bahadurgarh road hosted a 12th IFSDAA International Webinar on “Trends in Technology for Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, Environment and Health”. This was in account to celebrate the birthday of the great visionary, reformer and world leader Mahatma Gandhi Ji, who believed in spirituality, divinity, humanity, peace on the planet earth where all live with dignity. The webinar was organised by International Foundation for Sustainable Development in Africa and Asia (IFSDAA) – African Asian Studies Promotion Association (AASF) – Germany, Society for Sustainable Agriculture & Resource Management (SSARM) – India; Genetics, Epigenetics, Environment and Nutrition Towards Plant, Animal and Human Health (GEENPAHH) – India.

The objectives of the Webinar were (i) to access current and future scenario of agriculture, food, environment and health-related issues challenges and perspectives; (ii) to access use of biotechnology, bioinformatics, computer applications and behavioural sciences in agriculture production systems, environment and health diagnostics; (iii) Skills development, entrepreneurship and capacity building needs in developing combines in above-stated areas. The Jagan Nath University Pro-Chancellor Prof. H L Verma welcomed the eminent speakers and participants of the webinar, followed the by the keynote address by Prof. D. P. Singh, former vice-chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya (JNKVV). Prof. Singh elaborated the long-term schemes of the farming sector and the benefits of schemes.

Dr.KahsaiWoldeGiorgis, Vice President, AASF and Mahatma Gandhi House Gottingen Germany elaborated the contributions and outcome of international foundation in the last 13 years. Prof. Ravinder Chhibber, University of Saskatchewan, Canada described the role of sustainable agriculture and diet diversity for improved food and nutritional security. He emphasised on the production of locally adapted cereal and fruit crops to be part of a diet to regulate physiological disorders like diabetes and obesity.

Dr Ahmed ShammasYoosuf, Researcher of WHO described the status of maternal health and nutrition and its challenges in the current pandemic situation.Dr. Manfred Kern, AgriExcellence Germany delivered an elaborate note on the Meat Alternatives “Plant-Based Meat” as an innovative concept for future of agriculture. Dr.Arthur Riedacker, Co-Nobel Laureate from France shared his vision about the role of developing countries in increasing land-use efficiency to meet the national growing demand of food to produce more food per hectare as well better cope with climatic changes.

Dr. R.C.Agrawal, Deputy Director General (Education), ICARwas also present in the webinar and he spoke about the prospects and issues on agricultural education in India. He gave a wide perspective of the latest achievements and agricultural extension sector along with key points of the national agricultural higher education project. The chief guest of the webinar was the Ethiopian Ambassador to Germany H. E.Mulu Solomon Bezuneh from Germany present on the occasion. Her Excellency expressed her interest and view on India, Germany and Ethiopian collaboration in agricultural projects.

Also, a book with the title “Trends in Technology for Agriculture, Food, Environment and Health” has been released by the chief guest. The editors of the book were Prof. R. K. Behl, IFSDAA-AASF/ JNUB; Dr Machiavelli Singh, Amity University Haryana (India); Prof. Achim Ibenthal, HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Gottingen (Germany) and Dr. Manfred Kern, AgriExcellence(Germany). Teachers, scientists, research scholars, students, policy planner, development functionaries and NGOs from various countries all over the world joined the webinar and enriched their knowledge and found orientation through the speeches of luminaries.

The vote of thanks and closing remarks were expressed by Prof Sumer Singh, Vice-Chancellor Jagan Nath University, Bahadurgarh. Prof Singh thanked the chief guest, organiser, speakers, and participants of the webinar. He elaborated on the role of technology in all sectors to integrate education and blend technology as the need of the day. The chief moderator of the webinar was Prof R. K. Behl, Dean Agriculture with a team of organiser Dr Ravinder K. Mudgil; Dr Niranjan Singh Rathee and Dr Parvin Sharma, Jagan Nath University. Ms Neha Bhatwas the anchor of the webinar. Dr. Machiavelli Singh, Amity University Haryana acted as an Observer, IFSDAA Germany and was present for active coordination in the webinar.