OBEETEE collaborates with Matthew Williamson for the limited edition collection


OBEETEE, one of the largest handmade rug makers in India and one of the oldest hand-woven rug companies in the world, collaborates with Matthew Williamson, a British Designer renowned for his highly recognizable aesthetics, to launch SS21 limited edition tufted rug collection. The collection will launch on 19th November 2020 and will be available exclusively at OBEETEE website www.obeetee.com.

Talking about the collaboration, Ms Angelique Dhama, Spokesperson and Chief Marketing Officer said, “OBEETEE as a brand explores new designs, patterns and technique in rug making and aims to offer innovative yet contemporary collections that can be adorned by generations. Our collaboration with Matthew Williamson defines the ethos of our brand and admires craft in all its forms. The collection focuses on intricate patterns and designs inspired by nature ranging from sun-steeped landscapes, Indonesian dying techniques, the natural world to Moorish design”.

Talking about the collection, Matthew Williamson, Designer said, “Colour and pattern are such vital elements in both our lives and our homes. They can speak to us at aesthetic and emotional levels, elevating our homes, infiltrating through the walls, the furnishings, and of course, the floor. One of the best places to start when bringing colour and pattern into the home is with a floor covering, setting the tone and anchoring the rest of the space. Colour in all its depth and vibrancy and pattern in all its meaning inspire me endlessly, and this collection can certainly be considered a product of these fascinations.”

Matthew Williamson is the British lifestyle and interior designer known for his use of bold, colourful and carefully constructed designs. His work centres on creating unique colour combinations and original patterns with global influence often inspired by nature. Collaborating with OBEETEE, Matthew Williamson said, “The ideology of OBEETEE is on similar line as of mine and hence the core idea behind developing sustainable rugs enhances the legacy. The quintessentially human skills can have a hugely uplifting presence in the home and hence, working with handwoven rugs in the creation of exquisitely handcrafted rugs is a win-win for all”

The partnership with OBEETEE emphasis on creating an exciting collection encapsulating unique design aesthetic. The look is split into two collections, one focusing on beautifully intricate hand-knotted rugs and the second collection uses soft tactile hand-tufted construction”

The framework of the collection is inspired by various factors ranging from – Oh So Sisco- Inspired by the vibrancy of San Francisco, Cross My Palms- A fresh, clean design with a directional palm motif inspired by the fronds of the eponymous palm trees of the area. Iris ikat- Ikat prints have an inescapable draw and provide the most boundless opportunities for playing with colour, Leopard Love- The undulating movement in Leopard Love evokes the slinky gait of the most iconic big cats, Majestic Trinity- The iridescence of peacock feathers has elevated outfits for centuries, and their shape and colouring translate seamlessly into homeware. Atlas Sky- Inspired by the exquisite architecture of Moroccan riads, which fuse indoor and outdoor, skyline and sky, and the manmade with the natural and Sunset Dreams and Sunrise Haze- Both scenes are inspired by Matthew’s artistic impressions of Cala Deià.