On behalf of Autism Centre for Excellence (ACE): 2ND APRIL, WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY


Autism Centre for Excellence (ACE), a school for autistic children, has been in association with Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in the past years to light up India’s prestigious monument Qutub Minar among several buildings and monuments across the world that were lit up blue showing support to the autism community.

ACE had taken the initiative for the past consecutive two years to light up Qutub Minar with blue lights on World Autism Awareness Day as part of the international #LightItUpBlue campaign to increase sensitisation and acceptance of autism in the society.

This worldwide campaign seeks participations of iconic monuments, heritage buildings and landmarks like Qutub Minar, Niagara Falls, the United Nations, and White House have been lit up blue on this day in the past. By lighting it in colour blue, we ignite the spirits of the common to see everyone as equal and learn to be as calm as the colour. The colour blue not only stands for Autism awareness but is also considered to impart serenity in the viewer.

In addition to this, we have had the privilege to have partnered with international beauty brand, Kiehl’s India with regards to their initiative to support the autism community by launching their limited edition product that was specially designed by Matthew McConaughey in 2017 . The product’s excellent packaging and exteriors showed immense support and awareness of autism.

In our association, Kiehl’s India donated 1% of the total proceeds of the product was donated to ACE. Furthermore, to celebrate the association, renowned Bollywood celebrity Swara Bhaskar graced the occasion with her presence at ACE wherein she happily interacted with the children and also herself purchased the product in her contribution to the international cause.

ACE has also associated with PVR Cinemas and PVR Nest to host private screenings for the autistic children wherein lights are turned up and sound is turned down in order to maximise the comfort of the children and also help them enjoy the entertainment of movies.