Ryan Gable promoted to Managing Partner of BW Forsyth Partners

ST. LOUIS — Sept. 14, 2020 — BW Forsyth Partners, Barry-Wehmiller’s hybrid equity firm, has promoted Ryan Gable to Managing Partner. He steps into the role after co-leading the organization with Kyle Chapman, who was recently promoted to Barry-Wehmiller President. Chapman will continue to provide strategic oversight and guidance for BW Forsyth Partners.

After working at Bank of America, Gable cofounded BW Forsyth Partners in 2009, alongside Chapman and Barry-Wehmiller board member Chet Walker. Since that time, the organization has grown to a thriving $600 million-plus firm that unifies the best of Barry-Wehmiller’s business strategies, culture development initiatives and long-term orientation, with the best private-equity investment strategies.

Comprised of 29 acquisitions, BW Forsyth Partners’ four platforms serve various markets, including medical device automation and testing equipment, infrastructure equipment and services, printing process automation, and insurance and risk management services. In addition to growing and diversifying Barry-Wehmiller’s core business, BW Forsyth Partners drives true operational improvements through programmatic M&A plans, while also expanding the reach of its people-centric Truly Human Leadership culture for its 2,300-plus team members.

In late August, BW Forsyth Partners’ Machine Solutions Inc. acquired Crescent Design Inc., expanding its already robust testing equipment offerings for medical device manufacturers. In July 2020, U.S. Adjusting Services joined Eberl Claims Service and BW Forsyth Partners’ Cor Partners insurance services platform.

“We want to prove that you can invest in businesses utilizing a more human approach, and still drive superior gains for all stakeholders,” said Chapman. “Ryan fully embraces this approach, and has the highest level of integrity, an intense work ethic, and a wealth of experience in both equity investing and debt structuring from his time with Bank of America’s private equity group and highly successful leveraged finance group. He is the kind of leader who is willing to roll up his sleeves and lean in with our leadership teams to execute the organization’s unique investment strategy to buy, build and hold.”

“Our hybrid equity model has been successful because of our long-term approach and the operating, strategic and cultural resources we provide,” said Gable. “The majority of our acquisitions have been of family-owned businesses with owners who truly care about the long-term implications of selling their companies. The leadership teams within our platforms have never been stronger, and because of that, we are very confident in our ability to continue to grow.”

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