#WeHaveADream Summit to End Social, Racial, Gender & Environmental Injustice on Gandhi Jayanti

Speakers, we have a dream

New York, Oct 2020: High impact entrepreneur, Kunal Sood, is uniting all generations in action for #WeThePlanet’s first-ever virtual-interactive#WeHaveADream Summit on Friday, October 2, 2020, on the International Day of Non-violence in New York City.

The virtual summit will be live-streamed globally on https://www.wetheplanet.io/ at 8:00 PM IST, featuring prominent voices for change and non-violence including Kojo Annan and Gina Belafonte.

Kunal, the founder of X Fellows, NOVUS and #WeThePlanet, seeks to end all forms of social, racial gender and environmental injustice and violence across the planet. He aims at uniting both the youth and the elders to usher in an era of human prosperity and planetary flourishing.

Kunal shares, “I have dedicated my life’s purpose towards transforming a billion lives over the next decade. The legacy of Mahatma Gandhi teaches all human beings the transformative power of nonviolent resistance to inspire movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.” He believes that media and technological innovation are transforming society and how we can reimagine peace in our time at an exponential pace. The leadership, dignity and eloquence of Martin Luther King Jr. further inspired Kunal to launch #WeHaveADream to end social, racial and environmental injustice. With #WeHaveADream, Kunal seeks to stimulate the efforts of global leaders, alliances and initiatives who are focusing on building peace, leading to a future where we take local action with a global vision to transform humanity.

#WeHaveADream is set out to reimagine peace in our time to build society’s strengths and to mitigate the violence and conflicts we are witnessing worldwide. The global summit will help in amplifying resilience and the voices of local actors, people of colour, women and youth in promoting peace. Some of the prominent forces for change and progress include Kojo Annan, an high impact philanthropist, entrepreneur and humanitarian; Gina Belafonte, actress, producer and activist; Kunal Sood, Founder of X Fellows, NOVUS and #WeThePlanet; Laura Muranaka, #WeThePlanet Co-founder; Josh Radnor, actor and filmmaker; Harold O’ Neal, composer and activist; Lara Stein, Founder of TEDx; Emmanuel Kelly, world’s first differently-abled artist; and Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, humanitarian and daughter of the CEO of the 7-Eleven Corporation and a civic leader in Dallas will be part of the #WeHaveADream summit. The summit will be an opportunity for these prominent voices to discuss best practices and take action to help reimagine peace in our time and explore ways to strengthen people’s resilience amidst COVID-19.