New Email App to Manage Employees Attendance Launched

New Email App to Manage Employees Attendance Launched

Tracking and managing Attendance is a crucial part of any organization’s employee management protocol. It is a complex task for the management to track and mark the presence/absence of each and every employee working from remote location or client locations. To address these challenges, XgenPlus Email App has recently come up with a robust attendance management tool.

With the app, team managers of the company can easily see employees and team members attendance. Its unique ‘sense’ features also help in managing the location and attendance of field / remote workers. The XgenPlus Attendance Management System allows the Human Resource department to manage employee’s attendance and keep track of the field team. With the Geo Tracking System built within the XgenPlus mobile app, the manager can now have access to know the location of his team members.

“Now employees can mark their attendance remotely from the App itself, the moment attendance is marked, the location of the phone is also captured and sent to the server and than it can go to any system via API integration.  Team members can also ‘Save locations’ to inform company about there visits to client / customers. XgenPlus attendance management system is built within the XgenPlus email App that eliminates the need to install any third-party application(s). Admin gets access to decide the tracking of an individual or a group of individual. Admin can enable the tracking fully or partially as per the business requirement,” said Dr. Ajay Data, Founder and CEO of Data Xgen Technologies Pvt Ltd.

XgenPlus, developed by Data Xgen Technologies, is primarily used by corporates, small and medium enterprises and various governments in India and around the world. India’s large deployment of Xgenplus makes it a leader in Email solution space as Rajasthan Government uses it for more than 6 million email addresses, along with 8 million email accounts by BSNL.

“Attendance marking is a tedious job for the employees who need to visit the office to mark the attendance and then go on the field for the work. Still, the employer is not sure about the current work location of his team. This calls for an urgent need for the workforce system to integrate attendance management with the app and with the payroll system,” Dr. Data explained.

XgenPlus attendance marking system can bring the ease of tracking and managing the attendance. Employees can Check In/Out and share live location from the mobile app anytime, anywhere. The HR team can have the record and validate the marked attendance for off-campus employees.

The XgenPlus Email App is integrated with the payroll system so the moment employee marks the attendance; it directly gets updated in the payroll system making the process seamless and error free. Benefits of Mobile Attendance & Tracking System include monitoring of  employee at remote locations, making attendance online, sharing of live locations, multiple locations with single database, increase in operational efficiency, managing the whereabouts of the team members, and making available the most reliable & accurate reports.

The App gives step-by-step directions for smooth functioning of the XgenPlus Attendance Management System and also  very useful for small companies / startups , who do not wish to spend money on payroll systems but easily can get proper reports from the team.