Enhancing Your Home with Linear Gas Fireplace: A Stylish and Functional Addition

Linear gas fireplace

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The linear gas fireplace is one of the latest home heating solutions on the market. It’s a popular selection for modern and minimalist interior designs. The design features a long, slim profile with a rectangular firebox opening. Control system options include wall switches, remote control and smart home integration. You can adjust the flame height and heat output. Here are some key benefits of installing a linear gas fireplace. 


The most striking quality of a linear gas fireplace is how it looks. The long, horizontal design creates a mesmerising flame display and adds a centrepiece to any room. A double-sided linear gas fireplace is a stunning design option for partition walls and offers wider heat distribution. 

Space economy

Unlike traditional fireplaces, linear gas fireplaces are installed flush against the wall saving valuable floor space. You can also forego installing a hearth and fit wood, composite or laminate floor right up to the base of the fireplace. The inserts are less bulky since they lack a flue. These characteristics make linear gas fireplaces ideal for small rooms.

Clean and convenient

Gas fireplaces eliminate the need for storing and handling firewood. They don’t produce ash, minimising the need for regular cleaning. Burning gas produces no particulate emissions but releases some nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. It’s clean energy with unmatched convenience.

Heating efficiency

When it comes to heating efficiency, gas fireplaces have wood-burning fireplaces beat. The units have an efficiency rating of up to 90%. Linear gas fireplaces radiate heat directly into a roo, and some units have built-in fan systems that help with heat distribution. As a result, you get a warmer space for little fuel. 


Several safety features come as standard on linear gas fireplaces. The unit is fitted with glass barriers or safety screens to reduce the risk of fires and accidental burns. If you have young children or pets, the screen offers peace of mind. It’s also recommended to fit smoke, carbon monoxide and gas alarms in your house as a safety precaution.

Zone heating

Central heating systems don’t allow users to focus heating to specific spaces. However, a linear fireplace can warm up frequently used spaces, creating a cosy feel. Furthermore, zone heating reduces the energy bills from heating the entire house.


Linear fireplaces have innumerable design options to meet different tastes. Furthermore, the finishes can complement the interior decor of the room. Other customisation options on function include voice and smart control. 

Environmental friendly

Burning gas is eco-friendly. Using gas as a fuel minimises firewood consumption and slows down deforestation. Furthermore, gas has fewer pollutants. Therefore, if you are looking to go green and reduce your carbon footprint, gas fireplaces offer an ideal heating alternative.

Increased home value

Installing a linear gas fireplace is certain to add value to your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers if you decide to sell.

Installation of a linear gas fireplace is fast and simple. Nonetheless, several considerations are made before any fitting is done. The gas supply system affects the installation approach. Council supply offers simpler installation while commercial cylinder supply requires the construction of a safety chamber to house the cylinder. Furthermore, ventilation requirements vary between different installations. Ultimately, an expert should assess your home and advise on the ideal installation.

The linear gas fireplace collection is a top pick for contemporary homes. The fireplaces offer unique benefits that will enhance your living experience beyond heating your space. If you are looking to fit a unit in your home, contact the right team.