74-Year-Old Brain Dead Man Saves 2 Lives by Donating His Organs

A 74-year-old man from Mumbai who was suffering from kidney disease has given a new lease of life to two people after his family decided to donate his organs as he was declared brain dead. He was admitted to Global Hospital, Parel, as he sustained a fall at home. CT Brain done was suggestive of large intracranial bleed with intraventricular extension with midline shift and transtentorial herniation. An urgent neurosurgical reference was done and the family counselled regarding the condition of the patient. His family was counselled for organ donation and they unanimously consented to donate all the solid organs. Since the patient was on maintenance Hemodialysis, the Liver and Lungs could be retrieved and have given a fresh lease of life to 2 patients.

One organ donor can save the lives of eight people or more. The ones who are on an organ waiting list have end-stage organ disease that takes a toll on their quality of life and they may also end up losing their lives while being on the waiting list. The family members who bravely stepped up to serve the larger cause of humanity in these uncertain times are the true beacons of hope as their timely decision of donating organs has helped 2 patients in need of organs.

Dr Prashant Borade, Head- Critical Care Unit, Global Hospitals, Mumbai highlighted, “The patient sustained a fall at home and was brought by his relatives to the emergency. As he had a large intracranial bleed which was inoperable as per the neurosurgeon, we counselled the family regarding organ donation after 24 hours of observation. The family unanimously agreed to donate all the organs and the necessary tests were conducted. The liver and lungs were retrieved on 30th July 2020 and gave a fresh lease of life to 2 patients. We applaud the patient’s family members who came forward and donated his organs.”

Ms Disha, daughter of the patient said, “As my father himself was a Kidney Disease patient undergoing regular dialysis, we know what it feels like and understand how important it is. When we were counselled for organ donation, we agreed to do so without any hesitation. My father was a helpful person and always put others ahead of himself. We are sure that he would be happy with our decision of donating his organs and help save lives. It is a comfort to know he lives on through his recipients and we received tremendous satisfaction by knowing that our loss has resulted in again for someone else. I am proud of my father and urge everyone to get motivated by him and do the noble act of donating organs.”.”

Dr Bharat Shah, general secretary, ZTCC and Director, Institute of Renal Sciences with whom the patient was admitted said that “this patient had diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease for which he was on dialysis for last 2 years. When he developed brain-stem death, the family was counselled by our team about organ donation and they immediately agreed. This case shows that even at an old age like his and even those with diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease can donate organs that are functioning well. In this case, the kidneys had failed and he was on dialysis but his liver and lungs were good enough for donation. Similarly, we have done a kidney transplant with the organs of a patient who had died of liver failure. If all of us were to sign an organ donor card and pledge our organs after death, all patients with end-stage organ failure can be transplanted. ZTCC has been working hard to create this awareness.”

“Since the pandemic organ donations have become challenging for various reasons. The ZTCC has been doing a phenomenal job at increasing the awareness which is seen in the rising numbers of deceased donations in the city of Mumbai. We applaud the decision taken by the family as such decisions during the pandemic not only give much-needed organs to those who are on the waiting list but also build confidence that routine medical treatments cannot be put on hold. Even during the unprecedented times of COVID-19, Global Hospital has done 12 renal and liver transplants including 3 deceased donors and 5 paediatric liver transplant.” concluded Dr Vivek Talaulikar, Chief Executive Officer, Global Hospital, Mumbai.