organized a webinar on “Politics as a career” with actor-politician, Raja Bundela


Politics is usually considered as a necessary evil in a democracy. It is often associated with dirty games and muddy water but, on the other hand, it is a very important aspect of democracy. We often find ourselves engaged in a heated discussion related to various political agendas and politicians. Even though we grow up surrounding politics, someone rarely considers making politics a career, especially when you are not from a political background. in their career guidance series, “Career Khoj” organized a webinar on Politics as a career with renowned actor turned politician, Raja Bundela. He hails from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, and in the session, he discussed various aspects of politics and political careers.

In the session, Raja Bundela said that it requires a great deal of understanding and new age ideas to make a choice of stepping into politics. More often than not, honest and good people hesitate to join this field. When you choose politics as a career, you are taking the responsibility of your mother nation on your shoulders. One should have the heart to help people who are in need. The direction and dedication in politics can only flow through new and beneficial thinking and the feeling of patriotism. For politicians, serving people and their welfare should be a bigger objective than money-making. Furthermore, politics cannot be taught. It is a self-teaching process where you sharpen your skills and knowledge with time. It is highly crucial for the new generation to enter into politics for the progress of a nation. Many times, young and old generation clashes because of the generation gap.

Talking about the young generation, he says, “Politics and various subjects concerning it should be added to the curriculum in schools and colleges in a proper manner. Youngsters should be aware of their responsibilities towards their country. Instead of following someone, they should have the courage to stand for their own rights and raise their voice against what is wrong.” He further adds, “there should be qualification criteria to enter into politics and some ground rules regarding politicians should be set so that they could not misuse their power.”

In the end, he urged the young generation to come forward and take command of the nation. One should enter politics at least once in their lifetime to know their nation and to bring the change you want to see in the world.