Battling Corona is not just the responsibility of the Government, every Indian should fight against this pandemic

Battling Corona is not just the responsibility of the Government, every Indian should fight against this pandemic

Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker and Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, one of the biggest Indian business conglomerates, today in a statement appealed to all fellow Indians that Corona is just not the war of the Government only but every Indian has equal responsibility to defeat this global pandemic.

Saharasri further empathized that we all have to understand that the war against the Corona is not the war of the Government only. It is the war of the whole of mankind and in this war, every single person is a soldier. Every individual has a responsibility. Every man and woman have some role to play. If we assume that whatever is to be done is to be done by the Government, by the hospitals and doctors, by the police and administration, then believe me, we will lose our war against the Corona.

Corona pandemic has shaken the whole world. Millions of people have been infected. The number of the dead has gone over one lakh. In countries like America, England, Italy, France, Spain Corona pandemic is getting out of control. This second phase of the Lock down is very crucial for the whole country. In this phase of Lock down, we will have to somehow stem the spread of the Corona.

It is a very tough time, Human beings are in danger, humanity is in danger. I appeal to my fellow countrymen that understand the gravity of the Corona. Whatever religion you belong to, whatever your community, whatever your faith, you need to rise above all these things. At this time, we all have one religion and that is humanity. One duty that we have to save human beings.

We have no other alternative. It is truly being said that if the Lock down had not been imposed, the situation would have been far worse. During the Lock down, stay at home. Religiously follow whatever guidelines are issued by the Government. Doctors, nurses, police and administration personnel are fighting the Corona at the front. They are risking their lives to save our lives. So, cooperate with them. Cooperate wholeheartedly in every possible way.

We must follow social distancing, but we should never allow emotional distancing to happen. We should keep communicating with our nearest and dearest through telephone and internet. Emotions are our great strength. So, all the people of our great nation should be emotionally united with one another. When we have finally defeated the Corona, we will make a new beginning. We will stand together and make our country stronger than ever before.