Best Burger Chains that rule the hearts of foodies in Delhi

Chaat Twist McAloo Tikki Burger 1

If you are in the pangs of hunger and don’t want to break the bank on a meal, fast food seems the smartest choice, and amongst a vast deluge of fast food choices, Burgers are the most satisfactory as they make for a quick and extremely delicious meal. Furthermore, they can be customised in different ways to create a range of sumptuous, mouth-watering versions. There are so many burger chains across Delhi, and most of these chains offer a value menu with a wide variety of items that will help you go easy on your wallet when you make up a meal for yourself. Delhi’s foodscape is always up for a good challenge, and it is evident in the tremendous competition that exists in the fast-food business. So if you are craving for a quick meal, here are a few options where you can get delivery from, take away from or dine-in, while on a burger hunt in Delhi-NCR:

Burger Singh
If you can’t get the Desi out of you, Burger Singh is the place to be. This legendary brand brings together Indian flavours and fuses them with the classic western dish. Burger Singh provides a range of finger-licking budget desi burgers. This burger chain has several exciting options to pick from. Craft Burger is made with Indian spices & flavours in a traditional handmade way. Burger combos such as Amar Prem Veg Burger and Jai Veeru Chicken Burger are also offered. The White Guy Burger is exactly what someone who doesn’t want something spicy or overly flavoured should get. It is a patty, pickled gherkins, caramelised onions and cheese; basically, a classic American chicken burger. The United States of Punjab Burger is among their best sellers. It is sloppy, in the most enjoyable way, and full of flavours. The explosion of tandoori flavour in the first bite won’t let you hold back. Recently Burger Singh has gone International, so feel proud when you eat at this chain as it is one of the first Indian fast-food chains to go global.

The fast-food joint is one of the most popular favourites when it comes to burgers. Their McAloo Tikki, McVeggie, and Chicken McGill burgers are still the most-loved classics. The menu at McDonald’s usually consists of burgers with sesame buns that enclose delectable patty filled with potatoes, peas, carrots and tasty Indian spices, which are topped with crispy lettuce, mayonnaise, and other sauces. The choices for meat-eaters range from chicken to fish with burgers that are Tender and juicy with a patty that is coated in spicy, crispy batter topped with a creamy sauce and crispy shredded lettuce, which will have you craving for more.

The burgers at this International Fast Food Giant will provide you with a familiar taste and superb combination of ingredients.

Being one of the most loved and renowned fast-food brands globally, Wendy’s offers the best in the market food products that directly take on the leading companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr. The various range of burgers usually consists of savoury patties topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, onions, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles and sliced onions on a soft bun.

Carl’s Jr
With a wide variety of Burgers, Carl’s Jr. has won over the Indian market. Carl’s Jr. extensive range of burgers has found loyal fans across the country, and Delhi is no different. Their crispy Mexican burger, which is stuffed with a tender veggie patty and a layer of jalapenos, onions, tomato, lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise, is the most loved among its fans. The meat lovers must try their ever-so-greasy and delightful ‘Mutton Famous Star’, ‘Mexican Pepper Chicken’ and Tandoori Pepper Chicken burger and slurp away to glory.

Together, we all may not be able to arrive at a consensus on whether who has the best burgers amongst the above but the good news for us eaters is that all of the above chains provide delicious options for a wide range of taste palette and they keep upping their burger game to keep us hooked.

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