From Vidyadaan To Jeevandaan…

As India’s largest cities wrestle with an unprecedented rise in COVID-19 cases, Ahmedabad is no exception. With thousands of new cases every day, the city’s medical infrastructureis under increasing stress. To face this unpredictable evolving […]


ImaginXP launches India’s first Virtual ECM – Education Counseling Mela 2021: Understanding careers and higher education opportunities in future skills for university aspirants and their parents

New Delhi, April 30th, 2021: ImaginXP one of India’s leading providers of university embedded and partnered future skills degree programs has launched India’s first Virtual ECM (Education Counselling Mela) 2021. The event mission is to […]


Aiming to create exclusive programs to upskill India’s blue and grey-collared professionals, OckyPocky ties up with Quess

New Delhi, 30th April, 2021:The future of jobs will be defined by technology. In order to stay relevant in the hyper-competitive job market, professionals need to adopt continuous learning in order to keep their skillsets […]