Dr. Shweta Singh through Think Women Company connecting Women to Self, God & Greater Good

Dr Shweta Singh
Dr Shweta Singh

New Delhi: Think Women Company (TWC), a small enterprise helps women connect to a stronger sense of self. It creates books, coaching videos, podcasts, online conversations, group mediations geared to empowering and enlightening women.

The organisation under the leadership of Dr. Shweta Singh contributes to society. Supported by her research, academic papers & presentation; Dr. Shweta Singh regularly organises podcasts on women empowerment, women’s education, women’s health & mental health for working women. In addition to her podcasts, her novels, plays, and manuals serve as a catalyst to help women reimagine their world and their position in it.

“I believe in empowering women to redefine the limits of society and build for themselves a better future. For this, it is very essential to present a modified perspective that breaks prejudice relating to women’s strength and their native cultures that they follow or believe in. There is a need to bring about a paradigm shift in the mindset of people and how they perceive women as homogenous, locally & globally. Informing women is essential but doing so with stories and conversations is pivotal to change. I initiated this work through my radio show and magazine sixteen years back. I took my research & ideas about ‘identities of womanhood’ to women living in immigrant areas of Chicago through a radio program that I produced & hosted, called Global Desi World & Women.” said Dr. Shweta Singh, Founder at Think Women Company.

“Then I invited two of my friends Bhagyashree Gokhale and Shveta Kumar to push out a zine, called Empowered Women. The online magazine provided space for women from community to share their ideas. Then I started writing novels & plays that build stories to break stereotypes. These are not easy mediums but are effective in transmitting the message I wanted to convey. Starting a conversation that makes sense to women, can lead women to find their identities,” added Dr. Shweta Singh.

Dr. Shweta Singh is an embodiment of powerhouse as an academician, an entrepreneur, an author, a policy analyst and a coach whose world shifts between Chicago & Lucknow.

She has been involved in empowering women & doing social communication work from early days of her life. She has been a part of UNICEF and Oxfam as a consultant and worked on issues like child rights, child abuse, social development policy, etc. A multifaceted woman of many skills; whose works are not just limited to doing research and writing novels, Dr. Shweta Singh has hosted and produced a radio show #Globaldesi World n Women on WLUW in Chicago for ten years.

“Think Women Company under the guidance of Dr. Shweta Singh has done unprecedented work in the last few years. I want to congratulate and thank Dr. Shweta Singh for her hard work; she has been successful in impacting and conducting outreach into the lives of hundreds of women through her efforts. It’s my pleasure to volunteer as the Benefits Director at Think Women Company.” Said Ms. Gokhale.