E-Rickshaw to Witness an Upsurge in Demand in the current pandemic scenario

E-Rickshaw to Witness an Upsurge in Demand

Partial opening up our cities in the next week and ongoing restriction of public transportation, the e-rickshaws are the best available option. Experts and industry players anticipate that e-rickshaws would play a pivotal role for commuters till the time the lockdown is lifted completely, which might not be as early as anticipated due to lack of vaccine toward SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Commenting on the fast adoption of E-rickshaws, Mr. Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto Industries said, “E-Rickshaw’s and Autos would be the best option post lockdown due to restricted movements and another plus point is that the e-rickshaw drivers will also get employment as they are economically hit in the current pandemic crisis.”

Further commenting on restarting production Mr. Ayush Lohia indicated “Despite a break in the activities in the face of lockdown the sector is optimistic and we are anticipating a growth in sale of e-rickshaws post lockdown. Lohia Auto is all geared to restart its kashipur facility and will strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the state government for the safety of its employees.”

At present there are about 1.5 million battery powered e-rickshaw’s plying on the Indian roads. There are certain challenges that the sector is facing like dependency on China for li-ion batteries and semi-conductors, lack of adequate financing options and infrastructure. But the EV sector is hopeful that government will take initiatives to promote e-rickshaws in the Covid-19 time which is not only environment friendly but can also make social distancing possible.

“As we are anticipating a boost in demand of these environment friendly vehicles, we have already started modification like putting up a glass or plastic sheet between driver and passenger. Also we are running awareness campaign among our worker and E-Rickshaw drivers to spread awareness about social distancing” Added Mr. Lohia