Easy To Pitch launches SAAS platform; benefits founders across the globe

InsuraEasy To Pitch launches SAAS platform; benefits founders across the globe

India: Easy To Pitch, one of the fastest-growing solutions for founders and start-ups’ grooming has recently announced the launch of India’s first-ever SAAS platform to benefit startup and business founders. The platform features a dashboard where founders from anywhere around the world can simply log in and get the required assistance for their Investment needs.

Every founder starts over with a belief to create a highly successful and sustainable business model. However, it’s hard to be a founder and reach out to investors to raise the required funds. EasyToPitch understands such challenges and thus, endeavors to solve the problems through its AI-powered SAAS platform that works on an unconventional approach for the founders to create impactful business stories.

Delighted with the launch, Priyanka Madnani, Founder, Easy To Pitch said, “India is a booming market for innovative startups that are coming up with problem-solving ideas to benefit the target masses. The strategic launch of the SAAS platform focuses on providing comprehensive development solutions for founders. The automated platform makes it easy for them to create impactful business ideas and pitch presentations.”

The platform works on the crucial stages that every founder goes through. It lets the founders validate their business idea and create a product roadmap so that it becomes easy for investors to understand their business journey. Furthermore, the AI-powered platform assists the founders with the financial valuation of the business.

Besides, the platform also provides access to ready-to-use templates for creating attractive pitch decks followed by the review process by EasyToPitch’s team of experts. Out of the entire process, the platform automates 70% of the work, and the remaining 30% of tasks are created manually with the help of experts.

The company offers different plans for the founders. Under the premium plan, the founders get credits from EasyToPitch’s official partners while the affordable monthly subscription plans enable the founders in preparing final pitch-decks and get them re-edited next month.