Five must have skills for women at work

Mr. Raghav Gupta, MD - Kanchan Metals
Mr. Raghav Gupta, MD - Kanchan Metals

Women these days are much more successful professionally than they have ever been. They make up a good ratio of managers and senior position holders and are starting to take over a host of different career paths which were erstwhile dominated by men, such as engineers, doctors, lawyers, marketing professionals and so on Mr. Raghav Gupta, MD, Kanchan Metals, believes these are the most sought -after skills for women to have for being successful at work: 

  1. Technical Skills:Having good technical skills leads to better productivity at work. Upskilling yourself will help to gain the technical skills required to perform the job successfully and it will instil self-confidence & competence in daily tasks. 
  1. Time Management:Time is money! It’s essential that you manage your time and meet your deadlines, both for achieving personal productivity and as a part of your responsibility towards your organisation. Efficient time management involves being punctual, focusing on and being capable of meeting deadlines, paying attention to detail, being motivated and enterprising to take initiatives. 
  1. Leadership:Leadership skills are an essential part of your role within an organization which is a lot broader than the ability to tell people what to do. To be an effective leader, you must have skills like budgeting, coordinating resources, coaching, taking decisions, planning & mentoring, setting goals, and gathering information. 
  1. Communication Skills:To build meaningful relationships with your clients and colleagues an effective written, verbal and nonverbal communication is necessary. In your career trajectory, you will be representing your business in spoken and written forms. And here you are expected to convey a positive image as that will reflect on your organisation too. This is where your professionalism and attention to minute details will set you up for success. 
  1. Teamwork:Being a professional, you should be able to “share responsibility with others, be able to communicate effectively, and meet a common goal.” For this, you should be able to resolve workplace conflicts, foster positive relationships and build and manage a team.
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