HCQS Study to understand the role of HCQS as a prophylaxis for Healthcare Workers underway at Max Healthcare

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Max Healthcare today announced a large-scale observational study involving the use of Hydroxy-chloroquine prophylaxis (HCQS) amongst its healthcare workers (HCW’s) including those taking care of Covid 19 positive patients. The study aims to collect sero-epidemiological data from 10,000 healthcare workers from Max Healthcare and Radiant Lifecare and study the effectiveness of HCQS as a prophylaxis for Covid 19 infection.

The study will look at large amount of data from healthcare workers and will try to establish a co-relation between the use of HCQS prophylaxis and the incidence of Covid 19 amongst healthcare workers.

This study assumes greater importance in the light of the recommendation of the National Task Force for Covid 19 constituted by ICMR regarding the administration of HCQS as a prophylaxis in large populations of people at higher risk. Basis the results of this study, Max Healthcare might decide to conduct a randomised control study of the HCQS prophylaxis.

This is the first study involving Covid 19 that was approved by ICMR. This is also the first study from India to be registered on clinicaltrials.gov a global registry for clinical trials.

‘’Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the clinicians and scientists community have been in a race to research various aspects of this disease to explore possible prevention and treatment aspects. It is only clinical research that will help prevention of further spread of this disease. The main aim is to reach out to maximum number of HCWs, follow up on incidence of COVID in HCWs and understand the disease pattern in relation to Hydroxy-chloroquine in COVID prevention.’’ said Dr Sujeet Jha, Principal Investigator, Principal Director, Endocrinology and Diabetes at Max Healthcare.

Abhay Soi, Chairman Max Healthcare added ‘’Max Healthcare has always strived to be at the fore-front of medical research and this study will greatly add to our knowledge regarding the role of HCQS in preventing Covid 19 amongst the Healthcare Workers (HCW’s) and other higher risk groups. We are hopeful that this will be our small but significant contribution in the global fight against Covid 19’’

The results of the study are likely to be published in another 3 weeks.