Leading Real Estate Tokenization Firm, DigiShares, Opens Office in the US

Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares

DigiShares have opened an office in the US to put more focus on our US market efforts. The office is based in NYC and the first employee has been hired to be solely focused on the US markets.
Currently, most DigiShares clients are based in the US and most incoming leads are also US-based. From a regulatory perspective, the US is also for several reasons a simpler and easier jurisdiction to tokenize out of rather than Europe.

Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, says, “If you are based in the US and interested in tokenization, please come to us with your request. We are constantly on the lookout for white-label partners in the US interested to tokenize real estate and other types of assets.”
DigiShares provides a market-leading white-label platform for tokenization that digitizes and automates processes related to financing, corporate management, and trading. It is a multi-project platform with 3 levels of access, for white-label platform administrators, project administrators and investors.

Asset managers, fund managers, and real estate developers use the platform in order to automate processes and save administrative cost, to fractionalize and reach new types of investors, and to provide liquidity to their investors where there was none before.

First US Employee

Simultaneously, DigiShares has announced that Gabriel Sadoun will be joining them to support their US Business Development. He is a Franco-American based in NYC with 3 years of investment banking experience.

Gabriel, US Business Development Associate, says, “After being exposed to private market capital raising and transactions for a few years, it seemed quite clear to me that the sector was ripe for disruption. I became interested in learning about ways in which private market investing could become more accessible, less expensive and time-consuming, and offer more liquidity. This naturally led me to discover the benefits of blockchain technology and security tokenization. The more I read about it, the more I could see how it could bring massive innovation to private markets.”
“When I made it my goal to join a pioneer in security tokenization, DigiShares was one of the first names on my radar. They are clearly one of the very few real estate / real assets security tokenization software specialists in the world. I consider myself very lucky to be joining such an exciting company and field at an early stage.”

“The US is the world’s largest financial market and the epicenter of innovation, which is why I’m convinced of DigiShares’ huge potential to grow here. There are over 13M accredited investor households in the US, many of which are having most of their wealth tied to public capital markets and/or a very small number of real estate properties. DigiShares’ software has the potential to help them access diversified private market opportunities, by enabling asset managers and crowdfunding platforms to lower minimum investment requirements and helping investors access liquidity. Hopefully, in the next few years, the regulatory environment will evolve to broaden this opportunity to the whole population. That’s the future I’m excited about and I look forward to working towards it with DigiShares and their partners.”

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