Make a Statement in Simple Habits Face Masks

face mask

Aesthetic apparel is no longer the only part of our wardrobes; your collection of face masks is also meant to match your style. Masks are the new accessory integrated to our circadian attire due to the influx of viruses and the rising pollution in the environment. Simple Habits, a subsidiary brand of Ethnicity has launched its own line of reusable uber fashionable yet super protective face masks.

Simple Habits has carefully designed these voguish masks for all weather conditions keeping breathability and comfort as a priority. Apart from the 100% super soft and durable cotton fabric, these masks have 3 additional layers of melt-blown and mesh fabrics that allow pure air penetration leaving germs, bacteria & viruses out. These masks maintain their stability and texture even after multiple uses and washes. The masks come with soft elastic cords to ascertain an impeccable and customized grip to your face. There are different prints on the masks which accentuate your appearance, giving you a unique charismatic look, even with a protective mask on.

Simple Habits’ 5 ply unisex fabric face mask are available online for delivery across the country at or in a pack of 5 masks for Rs.599 and a pack of 3 for Rs.499 and 2 ply unisex fabric face mask in a pack of 3 for Rs.199. These masks can be used for outdoor activities and by security and traffic personnel.