Orientbell Tiles launches Inspire 3.0 – a range of truly luxurious tiles

Orientbell Tiles launches Inspire 3.0 - a range of truly luxurious tiles

New Delhi: As a leading industry innovator, Orientbell Tiles proudly launches their latest range – INSPIRE 3.0. This collection of glazed vitrified tiles showcases its design finesse and draws design inspiration from the best marbles of nature.

This new range, available in two sizes: 600x1200mm and 600x600mm, offers not only the best of nature inspired designs but will also give a truly classy and luxurious look to any space they are placed in.

Not only that, these tiles are resistant to stains, scratches, water, acid and chemical spillage, which makes them extremely durable and low maintenance. These large tiles, with their clean and streamlined floor finish, reduce the taxing task of maintaining and cleaning them again and again. The Inspire 3.0 collection is the perfect amalgamation of design and functionality.

Apart from their deep inspiration from nature, the range comes in trendy colors like Belgium Black, Crystal Blue, Emperador Gold and Portoro Silver, providing an ultra-modern look to your living room, kitchen, bedroom or even the bathroom. Every colour tone in the range has been carefully curated to suit different kinds of furniture and walls.

This range has 23 new designs with concepts ranging from super gloss, gloss and matte but a large variety of tiles can be seen in super glossy finish. The range caters to all kinds of ideas related to revamping your personal and commercial spaces.

“The purpose of introducing Inspire 3.0 was to offer the best out of nature while offering a classy and luxurious look for your interior requirements. And now, with Orientbell Tiles’ Quicklook and Trialook technologies, customers can use these interactive tile visualiser tools to explore how the tiles will look in their own room.” – Mr. Alok Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer.