Sexual Assault Lawyer Toronto: What You Should Know

Sexual Assault Lawyer Toronto

Sexual abuse can have tremendous effects on the victim, whether it is being perpetrated by a family member, teacher, pastor, mentor, caretaker or a stranger. The emotional and mental scars left after the abuse can last for a long time. As long as getting the best sexual assault lawyer Toronto is concerned, sexual assault should be fought from the grassroots to ensure that it doesn’t happen in the society.

The lawyers at Ernst Ashurov understand that the justice delayed is justice denied, and that is why their sexual assault lawyers Toronto are in the first line of helping the victims of sexual assault and abuse. Whatever the information you share with them, it remains confidential.

1. Holding Sexual Abusers Accountable

While the definition of sexual abuse or assault may vary from one state to the other, generally it all comes down to sexual contact without consent. The abuse cases usually involve inappropriate use of power which can be contributed by the following factors according to Criminal Lawyer Toronto;

  • Authority- People in positions of power can abuse their subordinate simply because of the inherent authority in the position they are occupying. For instance, a teacher having an affair with a student. The student may be proud to have sexual contact with a teacher because of the position he holds.
  • Age- any act that involves a grown-up and a child is sexual abuse. Children find themselves in these acts simply because they are vulnerable in every sense. According to research, children who sexually abused when are liked to develop personality disorders, depression, addictions and anxiety.
  • Coercion- Just like children, mentally disabled people are vulnerable to sexual abusers. The assaulters manage to convince them, and this usually goes unreported.
  • Physical size- A larger physical appearance can be used as a form of threat to a victim. Smaller individuals usually give in to sexual abuse because of fear.

2. Effects of Sexual Abuse.

According to sexual assault lawyer Toronto, the effects of sexual assault are far-reaching. The effects span from physical, emotional and mental. It is reported that those who get sexually abused may suffer from mental and emotional effects for a couple of years, and some victims never recover.

Those who are abused may have a negative perspective about relationships, and this triggers destructive actions and emotional and mental distress.

Here are signs that may show a child has been sexually abused;

  • Unexplained change in behaviour which usually affects the quality of school work.
  • Low self-esteem and depression.
  • Unnatural interest when people discuss subjects that are sexual in nature.

Both parents and teachers must stay vigilant and observe how children behave. If they see these changes, it is essential to dig deeper and get the truth and report to the concerned institutions in order to protect the child. Teachers, health professionals, social workers, police and others are obligated to ensure at all times that emotional, physical and mental safety of the children is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, according to sexual assault lawyer Toronto, there are cases of institutional neglect of the safety of children and which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

3. Take Legal Action

Sexual abusers should not go unpunished. On the same fate, people holding positions of power, who doesn’t do anything to protect the vulnerable, must be held responsible in case anything happens in their jurisdiction.
Similarly, those who were abused and survived should let their voice heard concerning the incidences and take legal action against the perpetrators. Sexual assault lawyer Toronto are there to handle all the cases of sexual abuse and assault. When you come forward, you will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect while they build your case. Always your interests come first.

Our sexual assault lawyers Toronto are experienced and dedicated to making sure that justice is served and as soon as possible. Over the years, we have won several sexual abuse and assault cases for our customers, and we are prepared to take the fight up for you.