SWARG VATIKA, Trimulgherry goes 100% Green with gokashta instead of wood

(L-R) Mr Neni Chand, Trustee, Shiv Mandir Goshala & Swarga Vatika members, Mr Sirish, Committee Member; Mr Ranjan Sood, General Secretary; Mr Surender Pal Singh, President; Mr D N Gauri, Settler & Founder Trustee; Mr Ramesh Chand Malani, Treasurer & Mr Sanjay Duggar, Vice President; releasing a brochure of Swarga Vatika, the Hyderabad’s first eco-Friendly & state of the art crematorium, upgraded with yet another green initiative to make it a 100% Green facility, at a press conference on Friday at Hotel Royal Reve, Secunderabad.

Hyderabad: SWARG VATIKA, true to its name, has redefined the final resting place. It has been designed, constructed and maintained with lots of love, compassion and esteemed reverence towards the departed soul who was once a family.

Swarg Vatika was conceived and built with the sole purpose of GoingGreen and being Eco Friendly, while extending the service to the society by keeping in mind the bereaved family’ssentiments, who have lost their near and dear and wish to spend some consoling moments while cherishing the past memories spent with the dear one.

A place, which originally was a garbage dump yard and a lake filled with filth, was transformed into a well planned crematorium which is today a Green and peaceful resting place for the departed. It subscribes to Eco Friendly procedures with sufficient parking for the visitors’ convenience.To top it all, the place has regular up gradation of Eco Friendly Green Point procedures and maintenance of utmost cleanliness. Swarg Vatika has won appreciation from all sections of the society for almost five years.

Swarg Vatika has seen some recent changes in the art of Going Green, while being in sync with our traditional spiritual Vedic practices of inclusive co-existence with nature. These initiatives have shown wonderful results. Besides the use of modern CNG and Gasified furnaces’ for cremation, considered more cleaner and faster practice for cremation, we have now introduced a cast Iron steel structure for natural pier. Introduction of steel structure has actually reduced the use of wood by 25%.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Surender Pal Singh, President, Swarg Vatika Trust, said, another latest GREEN initiative of Swarg Vatika is usage of GOKASHTA instead of wood, enabling us to go 100% Green. Our endeavour is to further make Swarg Vatika totally Eco Friendly and more Greener for the family and friends who are in immense grief of losing a dear one, gain the much needed solace in a serene environment, besides being able to complete the rituals associated with final rites, perfectly in harmony with the nature. The Crematorium is equipped with all the facilities, to render eco-friendly and green cremation, the trust has a healthy corpus and a self-sufficient.

Mr Surender Pal Singh said, Cremation by Gokashta (Lakadi made from Gomay—Gobar of desi breed cow/bull) has completed our efforts of converting Swarg Vatika a totally Green Project. As per Bharatiya science 16th sanskar use of gobar for cremation is considered auspicious and very holy a practice. With the use of machine cow dung is converted into logs with the hole running thru the length. Its burning capacity/ calorific value are 4000 GCV with Dung that of Desi Cow; 2500 GCV with Jersey Cow’s dung and 3000 GCV with that of a Tree Wood.

Mr Surender Pal Singh said, therefore cremation by Desi cows Gomay is scientific too. We need 300 to 350 Kgs. of wood to cremate a body that is equivalent to wood from 2 trees which are 15 years old. Whereas only 200 kgs., of dried Gomay is needed for the same purpose. By spending Rs 2000/- on wood to cremate a body, we are destroying the environment. That amount can feed 40 Gomash for one day—be it non milk giving cow. With just little quantity of Ghee and camphor the entire fire for cremation is completed in lesser time of an hour or so with non polluting smoke which does not hurt the human eyes and environment. In fact the ash (fully burnt) is scientifically very useful (holy – it’s applied on Lord Shiva) and contains 45% of oxygen in oxide form and if immersed in rivers -enriches it. Besides, the Gokast dust is now being used as manure for plants in Swarg Vatika. The tariff is low in comparison to others, we offer free cremation for unclaimed bodies and 50% discount to the poor families or white card holders. The Swarga Vatika is open to everyone, irrespective of sects, religion, caste or creed. We will shortly have Wi-fi for families to webcast the cremation of dear ones.

Mr Neni Chand, Trustee, Shiv Mandir Goshala; said, every day we have 40 tonnes of cow dung, we got a machine to convert this cow dung into logs for usage. The expense of our Goshala is more than Rs 33 lakhs, with most cows being barren and were otherwise destined to go for slaughter houses. This initiative will fetch us Rs 2 to 3 lakhs and if other Cremation grounds follow Swarna Vatika and utilise our services, Goshalas like us will be in a position to become self sufficient and do our core service.

Also present at the press conference were Mr D N Gauri, Settler & Founder Trustee, Swarga Vatika; Mr Sanjay Duggar, Vice President, Swarga Vatika; Mr Ranjan Sood, General Secretary, Swarga Vatika; Mr Ramesh Chand Malani, Treasurer, Swarg Vatika; Mr Sirish, Committee Member, Swarga Vatika and Mr Neni Chand, Trustee, Shiv Mandir Goshala.

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